Who is an early user? | Who should be considered early users? | Does filtering users really make sense in going decentralization? | Are there alternatives to include early users without excluding retail users.

People believe the reward should be split into several components: Starknet wallets, Ethereum wallets, and past and future activities.

Activities like:

Making use of the Starknet bridge (since it is still really an alpha version and there is a risk of losing money, accordingly, people who risk their own money for the benefit of alpha testing of the product should get an airdrop)

More than three transactions on various days or weeks over the Starknet network (such a selection criterion will eliminate many Sybils, since few of them perform repetitive actions on the network, since this requires money to pay for gas)

Snap a photo of someone who has more tokens or money on their network balance than a specific number. Since many people cannot afford to store the majority of the money, stablecoins must also be taken into consideration.

Regular users who used starkware product on regularly basis.


With recent incentives for its mainnet users from different blockchain like airbitrum, optimism etc people barely get incentivised for using testnet.

They are the peoples who test the product way before a community is built. And Testnet users get excluded regardless of their important contributions.

Previous experiences from APTOS which did not filter users based on usage and instead directly incentivised its users is now most used blockchain.
So filtering doesn’t make sense, it give a chance for bad actors to play cleverly.


Those users who signed up for STARKWARE early on ought to be given greater space. Utilizing testnet and dev should be a multiplier, not a qualification requirement. Utilizing STARKex products is the basic requirement, to put it simply. You should give StarkEx + testnet + devnet + staking some multiplier. Therefore, TESTNET+DEVNET should never be used as a criterion for eligibility; rather, it should only be used as a multiplier.

To build decentralization we gotta improve distribution mechanism instead of making filtering users mechanism.


It is not recommended to give airdrop weights to test users. Bad users get airdrops at no cost while using scripts


If there are no users involved in tesnet, how can you detect and develop bugs as well as test your system to come up with a perfect product?


In my opinion ,we are all real early users :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I remember when its network started tesnet it was really very slow, to move from L1 to L2 took 1 day, and there are still active users participating in your tesnet process and until the mainnet , when you have a gift program, you will evaluate the role of tesnet participants not by the role of mainnet participants, is it only the mainnet participants that bring you fees? and tesnet participants have no role in the development of your network.


Why do you think is ok to incentivize the users of starkex?

Starkex is not starknet and it’s actually a separate product that is permissioned and has little to do with the permissionaless decentralized network that is planned to launched.

Also the proposed solution of checking addresses with more than three transactions won’t remove sybill attacks. In fact by having the rules detailed before the airdrop can incentivize those with scripts to do actions that look like real humans.


Starkex may also use $strk as gas. Considering the huge transaction on Starkex (10+ times than starkex), it will benefit the whole Starkware ecosystem a lot


I agree with most of the ideas, but I also suggest that old users and new users are both welcome to the community and may get the rewards. the team may set different levels(the $arb or $op distributions are relative good)to the future token distribution. no doublt that old/early users can receive more tokens, but new users can also get some, thats will good for the longterm development of Starknet. the block chain need more and more people to join. :muscle:


I’d suggest approach can be different like aptos did for its community. And no one is using optimism frequently despite too much filtering users.


I don’t think airdropping to testnet is a good idea. Because testnet has no cost, witches can do whatever they want, but there are fewer real users.


:grinning: The topic is acutally not only about early, but about real users, or loyal users. I think that the loyal users should and will be rewarded in the end.


the cost in testnet is relative small, how to avoid bot or farmers should be considered if the team wanna give testnet users. In youtube, there are many people teaching how to use code farming testnet work. its reall not so fair to normal users or testors. :sweat_smile:


I also think that early users should be rewarded, but the OP model also brings the sustainable development of the community as a template


We are all real early users that’s nothing with airdrops


Sorry,I can’t agree,the time make a little sence in my thoughts,for we are all the early sipporters before the main net released ,the most important is contributions,what you have done for the project.
Do you think so,ser?

BTW,this topic related to this one:

  1. The high probability that those who participate in the community forum and have a member role are early real users.
  2. The number of interactions from L1 to L2 does not exclude airdrop hunters. Do not underestimate the airdrop hunters, they are very professional, more professional than we think.
  3. users who participate in the test network should not be given airdrops. the test network of Aptos requires users to deploy servers, which requires certain costs. The situation is different.
  4. Don’t think about trying to filter out all airdrop hunters, it is not shown and simply impossible. The focus should be on filtering airdrop hunters with a large number of wallet addresses (tens, hundreds or even thousands of wallets).

My opnion is, loyal uses are more important than early users


Let’s focus on the real and loyal users, not the early users :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I think airdrop should be given according to governance participation : people gets to participate freely into governance and we reward users using products and actively participating with real governance $stark later.


How come I can NOT vote in the snapshot, when I am clearly an early user?