Airdrop proposal

If the goal is to onboard as much users as possible in Starknet, there are no reason to focus on Starkware users, a thin minority from 2 years ago.

Cluster detection and IP filtering is enough for sybil detection nowadays.

The best airdrops were the ones that did not overdo it.

Check Celestia for exemple, they decided to reward as much people as possible to introduce them to their ecosystem.

What we call DEFI that does not include the term of cluster detection and IP filtering. That is against the DEFI principals.

i don’t agree with you.
afterall it depends on the interaction
anyone who is helping the starknet ecosystem to flourish should be rewarded if drop happens.
sybils have large amount of money. they can use bridge anytime and also certainly will have more than $50+ in their each account
so monthly activity and dapp usage should be considered as much as possible.

Firstly, no it’s not. Else, please list which principals you’re refering to.

Secondly, I may get what you mean with IP filtering. Cluster Detection on the other hand has been conducted by every DeFi protocols for years, with the aim of fighting back against sybil attacks. Resistance to sybil is now against DeFi principals ? It’s nonsense

If you don’t have a bigger group to airdrop to. Then you will get no token movement and price increase. You’ll just have 200K wallets with tokens that no one else has. Which means no demand

Daily transaction numbers have dropped by half since the airdrop and snapshot rumors in the past 24 hours (11/30~12/1).
Seems like bots have been deactivated and airdrop hunters have exited.
We may have found witches.
Accounts that have been dormant or have withdrawn assets from Starknet since 12/1 are most likely Sybil Attackers.
They may be headed to a new hunting ground.
These facts could be used to filter qualifications.