Creative criteria for the AIRDROP

What about moving away from the standard:

  • Bridged funds
  • Transactions over time
  • Transactions amount and value

Let’s add transactions in Testnet, since no one from the drop hunters is doing them, right?

Also, what do you think? Would a 2-3 year vesting bring a storm of outrage?

These are good ideas! I think vesting with monthly unlocks would make sense, to be honest. For example, we could allow users to claim 2 to 5% of their allocation per month.

Concerning the criteria, here is a list of what I would consider:

On-chain testnet and mainnet:

  • Account age
  • Number of transactions
  • Frequency of transactions
  • Average transaction number per month
  • Average transaction number per week
  • Number of different apps or smart-contract interacted with
  • Participation in the different ecosystem campaigns (ArgentX quests,, Braavos quests, myswap quests, etc.)
  • Volume bridged in on bridged out
  • Volume of transactions
  • Total fees spent for transactions
  • Starknet id and link to Twitter + discord


  • Discord activity
  • Forum Activity
  • Twitter Activity

Cool with:

  • Total fees spent for transactions
  • Participation in the different ecosystem campaigns (ArgentX quests,, Braavos quests, myswap quests, etc.)
  • Number of different apps or smart-contract interacted with
  • Frequency of transactions

And how do you think, let’s say there will be 15 points of selection criteria, how to distribute the percentage on the importance of these items? Or let’s say for each of them to allocate 5-7%

This idea is amazing. I believe there might be some additional criteria could make more sense like :point_down:


  • Number of transactions over time
  • Volume of transactions over time
  • Number of interactions with different contract/platform
  • Participation in the different ecosystem campaigns (ArgentX, Braavos, etc.)
  • Starknet id


  • Forum Activity
  • Identification verification to protect sybil (Gitcoin, Galxe, etc.)

Regards :v:

After reading this, people actively ran to make Gitcoin :grin:

In fact, most of the witches came in after the arb airdrop, so a large number of witches began to come in in April 2023, so it is very simple, the early users are before April 1st. Can satisfy most real users

All cross-chain wallets after April 1st have a 90% probability of being witches

Besides all the number/volume of transactions, number of interactions/NFT held by official compaigns. How about give some weights to net inflow $ amount? The rationale is:

  1. You want to reward users who stayed in the ecosystem, old and new (before or after ARB airdrop)
  2. Most witches who inflate their trading volumes will bridge out and only keep a really small amount on Starknet, causing the net inflow to be really small.
  3. Real users/supporters who like Starknet will keep most, if not all of their assets in the ecosystem.

Things that should never be used as Airdrop criteria:

  • Discord activity
  • Forum Activity
  • Twitter Activity

Especially forum activity would suffer from this a great deal @axopoa @funkG. Folks would write nonsense just to boost their eligibility. Forum is for everyone who wants to be involved in governance imho.

but many activities launched after April, like the agent quest

The characteristic of witches is that they like to do tasks, and the proportion of ordinary users doing tasks is very small. In addition, we found that witches have another very obvious feature, that is, most of the addresses of witches are new wallets of Ethereum after April 1st.

Before April 1st, Stark net had about 100,000 address users, but after the arb airdrop in April, Stark added 500,000 addresses in just three months, and this new 500,000 addresses 90% chance of being a witch.

just for information I do not upgraded my testnet account. Also AFAIK braavos do not produce same public keys like in order for testnet & mainnet accounts

imo you are wrong on the “people don’t like to do tasks”, because with the quests existing you can discover new protocols, while earning NFTs and virtual points !
And that, for sure, people like virtual points and NFT :smiley:
So, not liking tasks doesn’t mean people won’t do task !

Yes, but how to unify all these quests, because there are many projects doing such quests?
Maybe there just will be a criteria, kind of “Mint/Claim NFT”

there is no need to unifiy this, let em florish !
It’s generating activity for the network, which means it can be tracked too, and people are discovering things here and there ! As a user I like it, I can discover new things without doing deep research everywhere to find what’s new even if I don’t have much time.
Regarding the initial topic, I was airdroped some DIVA recently, people should have a look on all parameters, was a good way for an initial airdrop, and tokens can’t be moved/sold for now !
Focusing first on very long term holders/stakers/node operator is a good way to have a first wave of tokens not being dump on the market, and will avoid bots and headaches imo !

Yeah you’re right, “spray and pray” system doesn’t really work, but we need real decentralization

Guys, what about biometric verification for accounts who will eligible for the airdrop, what u think?

kyc is not a good way, and there are many merchants on twitter who have transplanted kyc. For witches, kyc just increases the cost.

The best way is to filter based on the records on the Ethereum and Starknet chains, such as giving high-weight rewards to early users before April 1, 2023, because most witches come in after the arb airdrop on April 1 of…

For another example, after all, the user’s savings contribute a lot to starknet’s TVL. Witches use a lot of addresses, resulting in the address balance of many witches being less than 10u. We can calculate the daily balance as the weight.
There is another method, which is to subtract the money that the user enters from the cross-chain bridge from the money that goes out of the cross-chain bridge. The user’s money can be roughly calculated, and the money that the user buys NFT and adds liquidity will not be missed.

This shouldn’t be an issue tho

Just follow the usual pattern, cuz even witches are burning gas to use the chain…give rewards base on usage as usual

Until now, there are 125k eligible members over 20 score in Gitcoin Passport.
If the number is around 150k after two days, I would think the condition makes sense.
That means we may refer or leverage Gitcoin Passport as the major weight of airdrop.

  1. Raw Eligibility List (from Nansen)
  2. Excluded Entities (from Nansen)
  3. CEX Deposit Addresses (from Nansen)
  4. CEX Deposit Addresses (traced from CEXs hot wallets)
  5. Unique transaction and traces (from,to) Arbitrum
  6. Unique transaction and traces (from,to) Ethereum
  7. Internal Address list from OffChain Labs
  8. Hop Blacklist
  9. Hop eliminatedSybilAttackers
  10. Nansen address tags
  11. Other active addresses tagged manually
    Same ARB