Airdrop proposal

Gitcoin Passport is the most effective sybil resistance protocol to protect your web3 community from bots and bad actors through Identity/Reputation system. Users can collect various unique identity attestations, called “stamps”, from web2 and web3 authenticators all in one place.

Gitcoin Passport has solved “Decentralized Identity Trilemma” :

  1. Sybil resistance.
  2. Maintaining self-sovereignty (creating and controlling an identity without the involvement of a centralized third party such as Exchanger)
  3. Privacy preservation (acquiring and utilizing an identifier without revealing personal information in the process such as KYC document).

In the first phase, Starknet filter out sybil wallets.
In the second phase, Starknet can apply multiplier criterias such as number of bridge from L1-L2, number of transactions in different weeks/months, volume of transactions, number of multi-chain transaction, minimum token value hold, wallet age, snapshot voters, gitcoin donators, etc

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, just work on making it better than anyone else.

I jusy want to at least get a handful of coins to feel special lol

Gitcoin passport can also be upgraded, even for sybils.
I mean real hunters can overtake this gitcoin scores.
I think still reasonable criteria should be about txns + stablecoins + smartcontract interactions + forum/discord conversations.

This is one of the proposals that I like, although in the end the final decision will be made by the StarkNet central team (because as long as there is no token distribution, there is no DAO, so they are the ones who will make the decision), I would like that at some point there would be an official discussion of the subject, but in the meantime it will only be informal discussions between us the community