Airdrop Time Proposal

I agree that Q4 of 2023 is a more suitable time for the airdrop. This would allow for the development of a richer on-chain ecosystem and provide opportunities to further enhance app performance while addressing existing bugs. Additionally, the issuance of ARB tokens has led to an influx of non-genuine users participating in the ecosystem, which ultimately does not benefit the project. By allowing time to pass, we can significantly filter out these non-genuine users and focus on building a stronger community.


I d like to suggest that the Q3 or Q4 this year is a right time point to launch the token. As recently, zksync team announced that their token would release next year, Stark can launch earlier and attract more users before their token release. Second, Arb just launched their token, which make lots people are focusing on the arbitrum chain, maybe the Q4 is the nice timepoint for Starknet. And that could bullish the web3 and make big fire in the cryptoworld. Third, starknet needs a little time to optimize the eco related apps.


I don’t agree with you. Setting a time limit will lead to more people trying out a high number of wallets to earn air drops.


Q4, 2023 and maybe Q1, 2024. It takes time to build and the community governance should come when the ecosystem is ready.


Yeah, you are right, but Q3 2023 sounds better, hope in this period war in Ukraine will ends, USA banks dead, and all liquidity will come to crypto, at least STRK :heart_eyes:


I think Q4 is too late. There s some hype know because the Arbitrum Airdrop and we can learn and draw many lessons from it. I believe it would be interesting still in Q2 due to this hype, as it could take advantage of the liquidity of the Arbitrum Airdrop and possible Airdrops from ZkSync and SUI.


It’s exciting.

  1. The second option is Q3, 2023, or before. In this case, I think we can refer to Optimism’s airdrop method and promote the growth of the project, eco, and community through multiple rounds of incentives.

I think one should take time before launching a token. Building app eco-ssytem which users love to use without any token incentive is paramount to long term success. Starknet with its unique language and tech must promote dapps which can attract users in large droves and task of token launch one system matures should be undertaken.


I think 2023 Q3 is better than Q4 anyway it’s okay :grin:


In my opinion should proceed in Q4, will be more time for eventual last details


My view is that we should not act in haste. During the air drop of Arb, the issue of witch attacks was very serious, causing a significant negative impact on the project. Starnet’s air drop must consider this issue, and it is best to come up with a good solution…


I think this is a suitable time point, which can leverage the influence of arb to maximize market recognition and rapid development of starknit. In addition, the third quarter may usher in a wave of rising market prices, which is also conducive to the development of starknit…


I think it world be better AirDrop on Q2 2023 , because L2 wars is on fire :loudspeaker:


the app is still in alpha version, there is a lot of issues and problems (e.g. high gas and low speed) to be addressed in the futrue, I think it still need some more time.

Thank you for sharing your proposal on the topic of airdrop time. Your suggestion to consider the timing of airdrops is an important aspect of the discussion that is often overlooked.

I believe that your reasoning for delaying the airdrop until Q4, 2023 or later is well-founded. It is true that the total lockup volume and mature ecological app number of starknet are still relatively small, and the app usage process may still face issues such as excessive gas and slower speed. Delaying the airdrop until these issues are resolved and the product is further polished would likely result in more significant advantages when it comes to community governance.

However, I also appreciate your suggestion for a second option of conducting multiple rounds of incentives before Q3, 2023. By referring to Optimism’s airdrop method, this could help to promote the growth of the project, eco, and community in the meantime.

I think that this first time is acceptable, the team needs to work on the project to make people love using it first.

Giving out ( airdrop) is always to reward people who have used it and not people who just farm airdrops so I think working on an Airdrop later and building the project now is better.

First of all, thank you for bringing up the discussion about the timing of the airdrop.
I think the airdrop should not be as late as Q3 2023, or even earlier, and the focus should be on the project side of building the ecology.
The reasons are as follows:

  1. the TVL of StarkNet is still quite small, and we need to attract funding through the application
  2. the application needs money and effort to build, many project parties are community driven, too long a delay may lead to poor project progress, they should be supported
  3. ultimately I believe this will be a positive cycle
    Thank you for starting this discussion!

I think snapshots should be taken at multiple points in time, and I don’t think the speed of the chain and the number of dapps are enough to form a final snapshot

I think two drops is the best idea I’ve seen here. Q2 for early zeros, heavily weighted to attract attention and ride the coattails of better knows L2’s. Then, with many more minds meshed, solid ecosystem dev then final “official” launch Q1 of 2024, not as abundant in tokens, but then much more widespread. Snapshot! Can I get an ‘S’ (s!)

I think the ecosystem is not ready yet for airdrop, Q4 is probably a good time. The option with multiple snapshots makes sense to reward earlier users better.