Airdrop Time Proposal

Starknet is still too raw a project. Transactions are too long
So I think the airdrop will be closer to winter or next year. We are waiting for updates that will increase the speed of the network!

This is a very reasonable timeline but I do think following the OP route would be better here. That would give incentives as well as motivation for members to improve the network.

The second option Q3, 2023 or before makes the most sense to me. There are benefits to being early. Airdrops create buzz and activity and lead to more builders picking up starknet (thanks to ecosystem incentives). If starknet is early among the validity rollups, it will lead to more builders, more users using starknet which is valuable from a long term perspective

Airdrop hunters will influx more as the market heats up. We all expect to take a snapshot before more hunters flood in, so that there will be more airdrop returns for early users. The recent user growth has already Happy enough to snap snapshots after needing better performance and stability. At the same time, because the ecology of starknet still needs to continue to develop, you can consider adopting the staged snapshot/airdrop method of the OP to continue to promote ecological development. Therefore, it is relatively reasonable to issue the first batch of airdrops before Q4 when the snapshot ends in Q2 or Q3.

I think it’s better to be steady.
Technology cannot be perfect, wallets cannot be smooth, bridges cannot be crossed quickly, and hasty air drops attract a large number of users, which may lead to consequences that are even more detrimental to the development of the project…

@Samarths26 It is important to understand that token issuance must take place in a working network, where many applications are built and the ecosystem is buzzing with life. At the moment, Starkware’s technology is still in its very early stages, and I want to believe that the team will be smart and will not release the token until there is a large system inside the blockchain! My personal opinion.

As far as i’m concerned, the later the better, but not later than end of 2024. Reason for latter timeline are as following,

  1. Eco-system & community needs time to build up & getting stronger. Reward with a stronger ecosystem & community will outweight others
  2. More time to accept more new users also to filter more airdrop farmer, time is a big cost for those airdrop farmer
  3. Network & tokenomics also need more thoroughly testing and consideration

In my opinion, I think it should be in the third quarter of 2023. Also, I think the snapshot should be taken by the end of the 2nd quarter. I think the project is talked about enough and known by everyone.

I definitely agree with the thought process behind this, however the downside is allowing time to pass to filter out non-genuine users would also provide more time for additional non-genuine users to join which I think is likely happening at a pretty fast rate given the current ecosystem created by the arbitrum airdrop

What really needs to be guarded against are those studios with hundreds or thousands of accounts. Normal users cannot have so many accounts.

Nowdays, the “hunters” are doing the trading data better than “users”, so how to identify the address belongs to user or hunter? Its hard to screen. But if the project is good enough, finally the users are all coming in to eat the cake.

At present, it is really not suitable for airdrops, transactions are still slow, and the ecology has not yet developed. For snapshots, refer to arb or op. It should not be a one-time snapshot, but should be staged, so that later people can also enjoy the benefits brought by Stark

Q4 is a good time to halve BTC in 2024, and Q4 is the time for the market to start

I think no matter in that quarter, we should pay more attention to the sentiment of the market.

I think the time should be in Q4, set aside time for more people to experience and join us

I think that in general the approach to Airdrop that Optimism has is a good approach. Very fair. Every big airdrop should be organized this way.

My suggestion is Q2 of 2023 because other chains are taking profits while we not start fully launched

There are a lot of L2 Project which launched last mounth and wainting for realease can be a good strategy rather than fighting for bring tvl now

Q3 is the best timing a week after September’s bloodbath (crypto market crash) might be a good time when everyone’s waiting for new narratives.

I agree with you, it’s better not be too rush, let’s develop the whole ecosystem first. And I think Q3-Q4 is a good time to take snapshot and airdrop.