Any good dune dashboard recommended? (on our ecosystem)

can’t query efficiently myself and did search some but it’s quite scattered… quality one so far for my probably by @chaininsight / StarkNet Overview - but are there more, many of them are just copied paste for the reason we all know, in the case yall know some, like one that quite more analytical and insightful (nansen-like)

and ofc token terminal (i’m not familiar with this one though)

StarkNet - Key metrics | Dashboard | Token Terminal it’s barely anything

Hello mate. Currently I only know this dashboard on DUNE.

But with this dashboard you only will be able to check

  1. Starknet Total Users
  2. Starknet Total Transactions
  3. Starknet Daily Transactions
  4. Starknet Daily Users
  5. Starknet Average Gas, Daily TPS and STRK vs Ethereum

got it, is it more figures come to this dashboard?

Not sure bout that, should increase naturally with time

Phenomenal, we definitely need something more optimized. But I think it’s just a matter of time, and we’ll start seeing good tools.