Creative criteria for the AIRDROP

  • Account age
  • Number of transactions
  • Frequency of transactions
  • Average transaction number per month
  • Average transaction number per week
  • Number of different apps or smart-contract interacted with
  • Participation in the different ecosystem campaigns (ArgentX quests,, Braavos quests, myswap quests, etc.)
  • Volume bridged in on bridged out
  • Volume of transactions
  • Total fees spent for transactions
  • Starknet id and link to Twitter + discord

I expect the Starknet Foundation will weigh-in on any airdrop discussions when the time is right. The focus is on the technology and building the ecosystem at the moment!

The testnet tx should be taken into account, but should not represent the bulk of the airdrop. The most important is to fight the bot. For that participation in the community should be taken into account.

But many quests going only 2 days and not all can have time participate :frowning:
Also have real users who come tday in crypto or know about StarkWare\StarkNet and etc

For project need many real users - yes?)

Only multy-KYC - have some garantie from multi-accs
Because for each 40-150 accs no time for hims pass KYC every Q or every 1 half year, or every montgs
But KYC also stress and for real user cometimes have bugs
But for me all KYC experiens was good, but I work only some projects not all

So, need find balance

And also I dont use Twitter and Discord (rare case)
I use TG

Adding transactions in Testnet could be a clever move, as it encourages users to engage with the platform in a way that may not be on their radar otherwise. This could potentially lead to a more active and invested user base.

Regarding the idea of a 2-3 year vesting period, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits against the potential backlash. While it may lead to a more committed and long-term user base, it could also elicit initial resistance or frustration from some participants. It might be worth conducting a survey or seeking feedback from the community to gauge their sentiments on this proposal.

Overall, these changes have the potential to bring about a more balanced and engaged user base, but careful consideration and community involvement will be crucial in implementing them successfully.

The only thing that is clear is the need to say no to centralized identity

We could include participation here on the community starknet, airdrop hunters don’t actually care about the community. In particular, people who have proposed a delegate profile to participate in governance would be a smart criterion.

I would also like to add some …

Age of wallet

Liquidity addition

Smart contract creation

Anyway, I think community members should have their right to be rewared for their contributions, they made interactions on the miannet reached a certain amount, they have played a positive role in the activation of the mainnet. It’s not just the propagandists, the projects, owners, the ambassadors who are the contributors.

You can learn from tia, which ranks among the top 50% of active users on the mainnet.

I wouldn’t disagree your thoughts but it can’t be like that way.
If you put 100% weight of airdrop qty to those whom are active users, you still don’t make Starknet better.
But that can be tried as 10-20% weight maybe as the vampire attack to other chains.

kindly use some Human verification format like bright ID, for Bot removal and avoid for multiwallet claim

Valid POV.
Vesting would be a red flag imo, It’s better to do multiple rounds instead.

Finding witches is not easy now, and anti witches are the main focus of airdrop hunters. But there are two things that cannot be fake: one is the history of the wallet, and the other is the amount on the wallet.

My suggestion is to only look at assets of data on the chain, as this is an important factor. The cost of witches will increase, and most of them will not meet the requirements.

adding gitcoin passport score ( score more than 25+ )
also as stated above Bridge amount
txn in unique months
txn in unique weeks
vol made during this transaction
also can be 2x or 1.5 multiplier for more than 6 months user

Sure that we need gitcoin pass?

Than u need a lot friends or buy KYC

lmao i forget for a moment its starknet not Eth , gitcoinpassport isnt even here now :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
silly me