Delegate Profile Thread


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xC66CFe1Ece141A7e19D84ad7fC204494d5c10e32
  • StarkNet address: 0x07a5bc09650fc52b0363b61a4af2c9f62dd31b47bcc4fb02f968900ce349e8cc

I really like how StarkNet is using technology for whole social impact, putting purpose and not just profit front and center and fostering public goods development for the long term benefit of everyone.
I’m active use of starknet ecosystem products, and have experience in governance and crypto at all

My skills and areas of expertise: decentralization, validation, community managment


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x8a884aA62D28B9aE55bEB68022Bb502cFe3c2Cf8

StarkNet address: 0x0412c8a82591bD7514dC0d65Fa6BA4B7b8f2A9a633651a6e3fb59868fdF1Fb09
twitter: @karasakalmt

I’m a open-minded and I am ready to give my whole time to such a great tech product. I am looking for jobs at blockchain services right now and when I find a job available for myself, I will quit my job and will be able to dedicate my whole time to new job. I am a computer-nerd and there is nothing that gives me more pleasure than hanging with my macbook.
I intent to use our delegation to ensure the individuals rewarded make up the global, diverse population that exists today and welcome them to the cyberspace through the work achieved by the Starknet.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x8a884aA62D28B9aE55bEB68022Bb502cFe3c2Cf8
StarkNet address:
twitter: @hascrypto
I have great networks in Turkish community and some projects. I also created five NFT projects and they weren’t great but I learned a lot from them.I am 15 years crypto tester and enthusias.
I would love to become a Delegate because I believe in the mission and goal of StarkNet and I would love to be part of it. I have the right values and also the fundamental technical knowledge needed to make decisions that would benefit StarkNet in the long run. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about StarkNet

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x376394a87E3d7529953e5155cAd43D7F6BF3970c
  • StarkNet address: 0x00301fbE06552EE86985F844A88be2564CC8125665CE2fff21bbEDA15bc77fc4
  • Twitter:@hilal_baktas

Hello everyone!
I’ve been using StarkNet network from early stages in testnet almost a year now. For me it’s really a pleasure to see such opportunity to get involved in project through governance and contribute even more.
I view myself as a part of daily users of StarkNet and want to be a representative of such users as me participating in governance.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x26A8dD9bbD1760912FF786e412141B6f63c3f538
StarkNet address:
Twitter handle (optional): @shayanmasters

I interest in the crypto market, I tried every product of zk and other rollups and every app and this mechanism is really charming. I’m not only part of Ethereum community but also I always research next-level technogies and want to be part of it since their origins.

My interests Environment, Identity, Infrastructure, Music, Zero Knowledge.I believe with web3 this can be solved due to the immutability/transparency of blockchains along with the fact this constitution isn’t being created in a closed mainly monoculture room but within.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x81ffDf2B50DA89921e219665e7f3F0Ff3A1a61a3
StarkNet address:

Twitter handle :@dcghdfhcdfc
I have been in the space since early 2011,I would love to become a Delegate because I believe in the mission and goal of StarkNet and I would love to be part of it. I have the right values and also the fundamental technical knowledge needed to make decisions that would benefit StarkNet in the long run. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about StarkNet.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x8a884aA62D28B9aE55bEB68022Bb502cFe3c2Cf8
StarkNet address:

I am active on Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. As a self-described Ethereum-centrist, I do believe that Ethereum will be the settlement chain for the future of web3 and the StarkNet as a part of it.I work hard to put my own ego in check and listen to the needs of others and do my best to draw attention and serve those needs.
Starknet devs and Starknet Holders are mutually constrained to make governance dynamic and balanced, and Starknet Holders makes governance more interesting and participatory.
I view myself as a part of daily users of StarkNet and want to be a representative of such users as me participating in governance.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x8a884aA62D28B9aE55bEB68022Bb502cFe3c2Cf8
StarkNet address:
twitter: @hascrypto
As users are priced out of Ethereum Layer 1, we urgently support Starknet’s mission to scale Ethereum sustainably and privacy.
I’m certified about the Communication Skills, Financial Management and Project Management. All of them have a great effect to me to have a great experiences in blockchain ecosystem.
I am ready to give my whole time to such a great tech product. I am looking for jobs at blockchain services right now and when I find a job available for myself, I will quit my job and will be able to dedicate my whole time to new job.


Ethereum Mainnet Address:0x1675325C87ee4559F76e50CA761Fd17d6A8d9182
StarkNet address:
twitter: @jake183681

I am currently communicating with new crypto project’s team and evaluating the projects to understand whether they are worth to invest at seed, private rounds. I trust myself about the evaluate a project about every perspective.
I have 9 years of experience creating blockchain-related content and I have been in the blockchain space since 2014.
I can say that I have some skills in iOS development, I also love using etherscan and similar tools on other chains to see what’s happening and made some search.


ETH address: 0x6126e1d3Fe9Fc7FdafeFa0FAad8A652d7637b3E6
StarkNet address:
Discord: czjnbxcnj#2582
I have been tirelessly updating and keeping it up to date. In addition, BAT members started and still do exciting product testing of the ecosystem.As of my skills I am into smart contract & full-stack development, web3 content creation and curation, blockchain course instruction and consulting.I believe that healthy debate and diverse perspectives are crucial to driving innovation and finding the best solutions. This willingness to speak my mind, combined with my technical expertise and dedication to continuous learning. I would love the opportunity to help facilitate this governance and I believe I have the right values.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xc1d4c3c36cd75D69fcd8B41Fa78ed081E59e8d54
StarkNet address:

I worked previously around the topic of limiting the influence of Big Tech on the internet and that research brought me here, as I believe that the early stage of governance on decentralized networks is crucial to turning the centralization of power in the digital space.

I’m interested in the blockchain technologies since 2012. Started as a trader and I’m now deeply interested in what is blockchain techs and how do they work. ETH 2.0, shards, rollups, consensus, zero-knownlodge techs, subnets, parachains, ZK and parachains are my mainly interest areas. I always love doing researches, reading articles etc.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xcb8ed6FcEa781f45105ebD93Ac3beb8EE7d63503
StarkNet address:

In crypto from 2013. Working from 2015.Mine experience on starknet as based. Testings of wallets, nft markets, bridges. node runing.

I participate in every aspect of the governance process, ranging from presenting proposals, providing feedback in the forums, and active voting.

StableLab currently acts as a delegate for Maker, Aave, Balancer, Optimism, Jet, Element Finance, Safe, 1inch, Hop, Paladin, and Euler. I have a team of that works together to ensure we are active and informed delegates in all the DAOs we work with.



  • Address: 0x9bdff5eb0727F7042ae27244b3d0f7F78c5dD12E
  • ENS: leoyoung.eth
  • Twitter: @leoyoung0

Hello everyone,

I am Leo, core contributor from StarkNet Chinese Community (SCC Twitter: @StarkNet_ZH). I am a content creator and dev facilitator in StarkNet ecosystem. Before I am in StarkNet, I have worked as a writer and contributor to ChainNews, which was one of the biggest crypto media outlet but shut down in late 2020 due to regulation. Since the founding of SCC ten months ago, I have led to create and translate the best and the most reliable content covering StarkNet ecosystem for Chinese speaking crypto fans, developers and investors. SCC is dedicated to the development of StarkNet for Chinese speaking readers. Our mission is to increase the awareness of StarkNet, L2 and crypto, serve for users and onboard more developers.

I am glad to apply for delegate so that I could help to speak for Chinese-speaking community and grow awareness of StarkNet in SEA. Although this is the fisrt time in StarkNet to directly involve myself in governance, I have been active in several crypto communities participating the community building. I am experienced in content creation, education, and onboarding new users.

Through crypto I entered a new world. I learnt everything in finance, opensource software, and blockchain all by myself. I stepped in distributed technology by attending the course in edX taught by Linux Foundation years ago. Since then my new journey begins.

By growing in a country with political polarization, I have a strong sense how centralized power would have impacts on individuals. Thus I believe in the values blockchain would bring into the world: decentralization, transparency, inclusiveness, privacy and self-sovereign. All these will be cornerstones of humanity in the information age.

I will be a delegate committed to the development of StarkNet, Cairo and the technology of validity proof behind it. I feel its my mission to bridge Chinese speaking community with the world.

Conflicts of Interest
Since I started StarkNet Chinese Community, I have been working on content creation, doing education, and onboarding devs on StarkNet. I will declare the conflicts of interest if any in the future.

Requests of Delegators
If you have any questions on us, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you all!


Shuaiguo - Delegate Profile


  • Address: 0xC3f80334a7C40BdD56eEC6EB0A11716d56a93633
  • ENS: shuaiguo.eth
  • Twitter: @0X18STARK

Hello everyone, I am Shuaiguo. I entered this industry in 2017.In the past few years, I have worked in many defis and blockchain projects, eg: oec, heco’s eco,kine,kswap … the industry encountered many problems during the rapid growth, but with the launch of l2s such as StarkNet, I think most of the problems will be solved in the future. Among the many l2s, I am bullish on StarkNet.

For my past experience and contributions to the StarkNet ecosystem, I have been a part of the network since I join the community and have actively contributed to the community. I will participate in discussion forums, create content to educate people, traslate content about StarkNet and continue solve problems for community to fulfill this role.

As for why I want to be a delegate, I am excited to use my expertise to help ensure StarkNet is a successful, secure,and scalibility network for all users.

I believe in the values of trustworthiness, integrity, fairness, reliability, and accountability, and I plan to use these core values as a guide when helping shape the network.

My skills and areas of expertise include understanding blockchain networks and consensus models, strong communication and problem solving skills, experience creating content and translating articles, as well as trading in stocks and cryptocurrencies. I am confident that my skills and expertise make me a suitable candidate for the role of a StarkNet delegate.

Conflicts of Interest
I have no conflicts of interest, but if any arise during delegation, I will declare them.

Requests for Delegators?
I believe in open and transparent communication between delegates and token holders. I will strive to stay informed on the latest developments in the StarkNet ecosystem, and I will use that knowledge to inform my decision making and ensure the best outcome for all holders. As for requests of Delegators, I encourage token holders to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage in constructive dialogue to help enrich the StarkNet community.

Feel free to DM on social media

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xc9abaae05bb41405d019a677a028f545aadb0c8c
  • StarkNet address: 0x065e090C8ed3842C43A1526e18BBD1bA35c65d4C593D8506a94D6165d1b91ffe

Hello everyone, my name is Alex.
I’ve been in crypto for over four years now, during this time, I have been a participant and tester of many blockchain projects and various l2 solutions. I learned about Starknet from immutablex , I have been an active user since the first day of its existence and wondered how this thing works so fast :thinking: and then I learned about Starkex and Starkware itself.
I think StarkNet is the most promising project that will make Ethereum more secure and scalable platform. I hope I can add value to such a wonderful project

My interests: Defi, Web3, NFT, L2 solutions
My skills: Node operator, programming skills (python, Django)

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest as a future delegate.



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x99d6b2caABF5798803f3539ec9a386e9dBC907EC
  • StarkNet address: 0x032C1c43560d52aCDfa81985DD076c7fab59f1ce11af1779e889e4eFA1F519AC
  • ENS name: magistrr.eth
  • Twitter handle: @Vyaches83598823

Hello everyone!
My past experience in StarkNet ecosystem are:

  • I have been running StarkNet node since march 2021
  • I am a proud StarkNet testnet ecosystem user
  • Right now I’m an active StarkNet user on mainnet

My motivation for becoming a delegate is to help promote a transparent, productive, and positive sum governance process.
I have a good understanding of the StarkNet network, and as a delegate I believe I can apply my knowledge to best represent the long term sustainability of the network and the safety of its users.
I want to further support the important work that StarkNet is doing on scaling. I’m also passionate about public goods funding and governance experimentation.

My skills and areas of expertise:

  • Constant self-development in DeFi and crypto knowledge
  • Audit core smart contracts that serve as critical infrastructure to blockchain
  • Creating and curating digital content: This may include writing blog posts, creating social media posts, designing infographics, and producing video content

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest as a future delegate.

Thank you for your attention!



  • Address: 0x4cf40107f03Bdb0ab3cF854D6Fe3C22f137f7e90

  • ENS: pluta911.eth

  • Twitter: @Aleks26146740


Hi everyone!

I’m QA engineer, active StarkNet ecosystem user and also I dedicated DEFi crypto user with a very good experience and understanding of all the industry. Currently, I’m using wallets - Bravos, Argent X, NFT markets, swaps in StarkNet mainnet and I have participated in StarkNet devnet and earlier stage in StarkNet testnet.

My view on the StarkNet governance:

I understand that becoming a delegate is a significant commitment. Becoming a delegate for Starknet governance system is something of paramount importance to me. I will do everything in my power to uphold the values of the DAO.

I will support proposals and ideas that aim to expand the impact and influence of Starknet since I firmly believe this could become one of the most relevant networks of the L2 Ethereum.

My main core values that I will guide my decision-making:

  • Elimination of centralization in the making and execution of decisions and proposals

  • Suppression of malicious actors attempting to manipulate governance or profit from the protocol

  • Self-determination of the DAO in the exercise of digital democracy

Conflicts of Interest:

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest as a future delegate

Requests for Delegators:

Feel free to contact me on my Twitter or on my email emailif you have any questions! :relieved:

Thank you!



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0xBDC8d1778B138669BA19A21c83c816143b827CB7]
  • StarkNet address: [0x0662B417678556e56D031c7a2B235307B78AAC1c2c772ACd9232ae028D66378F]

Hello everyone, an active participant of StarkNet ecosystem here. I’ve been around for some time since the early testnet stages and now want to become more involved and help if it is still possible.

As of my reason of becoming delegate - decentralization and crypto has changed my life for the better and I want to help move the world to be a much more decentralized place. I am planning to help the project on decision making in order to it growth stably and widely.

My governance experience consists of using Snapshot app for different projects while staking project’s token, I don’t think that my share worth a lot to somehow influence the result, yet I always chose wisely
and carefully.

The number one qualification I have is I am a believer in decentralized control will eventually bring true freedom to all humans. Centralized control is a great threat and has been all along. We know have the technology to enable decentralized systems, organization, and currencies. I’ve been in the cryptocurrency space as an investor, node operator, and miner since 2015. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I must continue to give back.

That’s probably it, you are welcome to contact me on my email or write me here.



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0x1B8Df40D59085e08f82dC8816ef3b280B7b5534F]


Hello everyone,
I want to present myself to the community - my name is Dave and I am currently working as a project manager and an active web3 and StarkNet user.

My values have been developed in my work and entrepreneurial journey building educational, community-based products in the education, blockchain, and wellness industry. I deeply believe in designing better systems to create a more equitable world.

We’re currently at the forefront of how we create long-lasting institutions and the values we bring into these systems are important for their success. As a delegate I’m bringing in values and vision of a world that is healthy, thriving, and accessible to all.

I’ve been mildly active in DAO governance with a variety of protocols since 2019, but this would be my first time acting as a delegate. I pledge to be active and engaged in governance, and to be a good steward with your delegated vote. I will keep an open mind on all proposals no matter how absurd or straightforward they appear to be. I’m willing to have my opinion be changed by new information, but not for money. And my DMs are open if anyone wants to talk about voting or StarkNet in general.

I don’t have any conflicts of interest with my participation in StarkNet governance as a delegate.
Thank you so much for your time,



Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x46D053c22d025B490dA6C2564e0C7665F259F72C
StarkNet address: 0x00268505dc17c007dDc7095a9E5A25cE11b38Dd492eC282f088a5542bd80E441
ENS name: malvinaa.eth
Twitter handle: @IAhmetsina


Hello everyone!
I have been using StarkNet for my own purposes since mainnet launch. I also used StarkNet at the testnet stage and installed the node in the devnet.

My web3 skills:

  • professional experience in smart contracts (solidity);
  • gitcoin dao fulltime contributor;
  • familiar with code level depth of Blockchain technology since 2019.

I’ve been intimately involved in about 10+ DAOs. I also invest and work with DeFi and Web3 builders full time now.

I’ve been a strong supporter of the Ethereum rollup space for years, collaborating in some form with the teams from Fuel, Arbitrum, Optimism and ZKSync.

Thank you for your attention!