Delegate Profile Thread


  1. Address- 0x05cc5268085C88682A049bD56E62d1c0399eA1Bd
  2. ENS- shredder656.eth
  3. Twitter- @shredder656

Hello everyone, my name is Parvir and I am a community member for the Starknet L2. I have been using testnet and mainnet for awhile now. I closely follow the Starknet team and have listened to many podcasts with Eli and rest of the team.
I would like to become a delegate to make sure that everything is approached with a birds eye view and that the I can take part in changing/improving the Starknet ecosystem.
I don’t have experience with DAO governance but I understand the role it takes and how important it can be to have DAO.
I have ran validators/nodes for various blockchains in testnet such as SUI, Massa, Shardeum, Q Blockchain, and Nibiru. I will continue to run nodes/validators for other Blockchains as well.
I know Starknet will excel in their mission to becoming one of the leading L2 in zk and as a validility rollup.
I hope you accept my proposal to delegate and improve the Starknet ecosystem.

Ralf Antony
Wallet address: 0xf64Ad8e31e89D008D45cC5cf8feDc72d9a882743

I am an experienced blockchain professional applying for the Delegate position in the StarkNet ecosystem. My name is John and I have extensive knowledge and experience in the blockchain space, particularly with Ethereum and its various tools and technologies. As a Delegate, I will bring my expertise, experience and passion to contribute towards the success of the StarkNet ecosystem.

I have been working in the blockchain industry for over four years and have gained a strong understanding of its potential to transform the world. My experience in the industry includes working as a blockchain developer for various companies, which has allowed me to develop strong problem-solving skills, a deep understanding of smart contract development, and an appreciation for the importance of security and decentralization.

As a Delegate, I believe that transparency and communication are key to building a strong and vibrant community. I will work hard to engage with the community and ensure that the voices of all stakeholders are heard. I will be open to feedback, and always be available to answer questions and address concerns. My goal is to help shape the future of the StarkNet ecosystem in a way that is fair, equitable and benefits everyone.

If selected as a Delegate, I promise to work diligently and with integrity to ensure that the ecosystem is governed in a way that benefits all stakeholders. I look forward to contributing to the growth and success of StarkNet, and to building a strong and vibrant community around this exciting technology.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xd353bDE2c00ca5EE95461031808aD34Bcb2c78cA
StarkNet address: 0x0379dcaBfFa4ED73a3cB28C78198Fd17bc0Aee2197F3A1f6E2BB23E90001F44B
ENS name: giga4ad.eth
Twitter handle: @selfex5

"Ever since the inception of StarkNet, I have been a dedicated supporter, testing dApps and testnets, and watching the project grow with great enthusiasm. I believe that becoming a delegate for StarkNet would be an incredible opportunity for me to gain practical experience and a deeper understanding of the system, while also having the chance to positively influence the ecosystem. I am particularly passionate about fostering decentralization, promoting organic growth, and distributing knowledge and resources.

As a delegate, my primary goal would be to encourage participation in the governance process, and to make the community involved in voting decisions.

If given the chance to become a delegate, I would be committed to participate in building a network that is both technically sound and community-centric. By leveraging my knowledge and experience, as well as working closely with the StarkNet team and the community, I am confident that I could bring value to the StarkNet and make it a leading project in the crypto space, with a strong and committed user base."

Thank you

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x3cd5e44e12f215883005F00b0a93Dd58049bB104
StarkNet address: 0x00966e5980FFE8E3e7FA2131A551E2fc6583D8e85E0ee555397Bf312DCf38d3e
Twitter handle: @yura_m21

Hello, my name is Yura
I’ve been developing in the field of web3 technologies for 4 years now, and my main interest in this delegation is your project with your zkRollup technology and its future development in the world of web3 technologies.

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Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x5F3532aBf682213FEDEEC5D2cE92f3A1074d1B21
StarkNet address: 0x00F88b46e60774Ada1c2d0DcB5A42702Dd0B295A36108E10973E2B40b11B141B
Discord: zubov1988v#6987
Twitter: @pavelzubov20011

Hello, i am Pavel. I like the new era of fast and individual blockchains. I tested Arbitrum , ZkSync, Aptos, Optimism, StarkNet. Now i want to be a liitle a part of your project, because i think this a little bit undervalued , when all eyes on Arbitrum , people don’t see the big projects like StarkNet who is working harder and harder.

What about skills? I’m working 24/7 for finding bugs of any area , from design UI to technical.


  • Ethereum mainnet address: 0x18085d1F0258Fd9dAD892e77ffD6FFB59FBe03A6
  • StarkNet address: 0x03b3775a0000dd0f270c3167a9a0fa33afaeeec9653ac2200d5b44f5f1b652a3
  • Twitter handle: @jakobn871
  • Discord handle: jakobn#5297

Hey there, my name is Jakob and I’ve been a part of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry since 2015. Over the years, I’ve gained experience in various aspects of the industry including mining, trading, and investing. Currently, I work as a consultant for several blockchain projects, helping them with strategy and business development.

I’m particularly interested in the STARKNET ecosystem because I believe that its focus on scalability and security is crucial for the long-term success of decentralized applications. As a delegate, I would strive to ensure that these principles are upheld and that the community’s voice is heard in important decision-making processes. I’m excited about the potential for STARKNET to enable new and innovative use cases for blockchain technology, and I’m eager to be a part of its growth and development.

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  • Ethereum mainnet address: 0xd908B609FBE850Bf7684F5C8189443B136749cDe
  • StarkNet address: 0x00c806d7233023a5e49dde1364bf1a3e7267e67720a6ee5a93cdee52b6db8ec9
  • Twitter handle: @alexust0560
  • Discord handle: alexu0560#9347

Hello, my name is Alex and I am excited to put my hat in the ring to become a delegate for the StarkNet ecosystem. With a background in computer science and over 5 years of experience in blockchain development, I am passionate about building decentralized systems that empower individuals and communities.

As a delegate, I am committed to promoting the values of transparency, accountability, and sustainability. I believe that these principles are essential for building a strong and resilient ecosystem that can adapt to the challenges of the rapidly changing blockchain landscape.

I am a collaborative and team-oriented individual, and I believe that effective governance requires open communication and engagement with the community. I am dedicated to listening to the needs and concerns of all stakeholders, and to making decisions that prioritize the long-term success of the network.

Thank you for considering my candidacy, and I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the growth and development of the StarkNet ecosystem.

Ethereum Address: 0x955C86f439937123F7B9D36cB8D94c3313baf4F5
StarkNet address: 0x06F95aA718fe50982b317FDa7AD9aFc416C0E69f53042DEa19D9f640b887C551
Twitter: @EthelPierdon161
Discord: 바라바라#3792


Hello, friends!

My name is Chang, and I would like to share my reasons for wanting to become a delegate in the StarkNet ecosystem: I have one year of experience in crypto investing. I dedicate a significant portion of my time to researching and analyzing emerging technologies in the blockchain space.

I consider myself a dedicated, reliable, and passionate individual. I understand that the role of a StarkNet delegate carries great responsibility, as it represents the interests of all participants in the ecosystem. As such, it is crucial to possess in-depth knowledge of the project and to commit a substantial amount of time to understanding and representing every vote entrusted to me.

Thank you for considering my application, and I hope to join the vibrant community of StarkNet governance.

Ethereum Address: 0x1D7482f4483A4A6c6a490610d0E8c593D6c33C9b
Address StarkNet: 0x03e1d37fa37c90d228f18758cbaa6b255057b85ec38c34f93b4703185b711f88
Twitter handle: @korastfok


My name is Korastfok, and I have been working in the crypt since 2017 :slight_smile: During this time I have invested a lot of time and money in the crypto world, participated in various DAOs, made many test networks and raised many servers with nodes, projects such as Solana, Mina, Hopr, HydraDX, Moonbeam, Kyve, Sui, Ironfish, Aleo, Aptos and others.

As for the Starknet ecosystem, I was engaged in all kinds of activities, such as launching a node in the Starknet test network, participating and Crew 3 events. I have been following the project for a long time, and I want to participate in the management of the Stark net ecosystem.

I don’t have any conflicts of interest.


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0xBB50690DB3897CA5b1F63cFf6e0C061B93f9bFbd]
  • StarkNet address: [0x07Df86Ee0666DF2759c220AbE8c292E18065F67CA2d6E8646702D7b5dFe50Fde]
  • ENS name : [ spermish.eth ]
  • Twitter handle : [@IanaDolgova4085]
    My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:: My goal is to use my social and community skills to advance the Ethereum ecosystem and its decentralization. Managing beacons and communities that depend on web3 services is a passion of mine. I support the L2 scaling model for Ethereum that StarkNet can implement, and want to help others choose tools that align with our shared values.

Experience in DAO governance: I actively use Snapshot to participate in managing a group of projects and tokens.

My web3 qualifications / skills: I’ve been involved with Ethereum since 2014 and have extensive experience with all the products available in the ecosystem. I am active on Reddit, Twitter and Discord. I believe Ethereum will be the settlement chain for the future of web3 and StarkNet plays an important role in this.

What voters can expect of me: I will learn and share knowledge about StarkNet and keep in touch with the community and management. If I feel the community has deviated from its goals, I will work to get it on the right track. I will listen to people and try to meet their needs.

Potential conflicts of interest: I see no potential conflicts of interest.

For Delegators: You can contact me with any questions via DM. I am always willing to communicate.
I belive in Starknet <3

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x706f9AC0C9d08d725B899cC8C2582620745CF930
  • ENS name: bhlee.eth
  • StarkNet address: 0x0541d2694dd0c821445e9f360268b4c8796c176798025abab76b803ac4d01979
  • StarkNet name: bhlee.stark
  • Twitter handle @lowsec4980

One possible reason for wanting to become a delegator could be a desire to contribute to the development and growth of the project. Delegators play an important role in representing the interests of the DAO members and ensuring that their voices are heard. By becoming a delegator, one can help shape the direction of the project and ensure that it is aligned with the values and goals of the community.

In terms of how to fulfill the role of delegator, there are several key responsibilities that come with the position. These include staying informed about the latest developments and updates related to the project, actively participating in discussions and debates related to governance and decision-making, and engaging with other members of the community to understand their views and perspectives.

To fulfill these responsibilities, a delegator might participate in regular meetings and forums, engage with other members of the community through social media or other channels, and stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments related to the project. It’s also important for delegators to be transparent and accountable, sharing their perspectives and decisions with the wider community and being open to feedback and input from others.

Ultimately, becoming a delegator is a significant responsibility and requires a commitment to serving the interests of the community. Thanks.

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  • Ethereum address: 0x78eFDb859cfAF16B19f02DAeE1527bf08f57b0f8
  • Twitter handle: @gryptooo

Hello, everyone! I’m stu, atm I’m working with the marketing team at StarkWare to create written content about STARK technology. When I grew interested in crypto{graphy, currency}, I began writing long-form articles about Ethereum-related topics, which I think would have helped me out when I was first learning about the said topic. While I’m new to the StarkNet ecosystem, I believe in Starknet’s potential to achieve what it was made for – the best way to scale a blockchain.

I have a background in web development and am learning how to develop blockchain apps rn. l think my strength lies in making complex topics easy to understand – without compromising nuance. While I don’t have any previous experience with DAO governance, I’m aware of what responsibility and duties it entails.

If I were chosen as a delegate, I’d be an active member that would seek to know and represent the wider interest of the delegators well. I’d be committed to help make Starknet the most secure, decentralized, and scalable validity rollup on Ethereum.

Conflicts of Interest

Requests for delegators?
For any questions or requests, please reach out to me on Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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f4rr3ll.eth Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x7D1eF741C40DDfFDd4F19549D42FeD9a0193F8ea
  • ENS name: f4rr3ll.eth
  • StarkNet address: 0x06046345aeb7059cac2d5cc82ecdce4dd969c7ddeb2763c9fadebf52eeda8dc9
  • Twitter handle @jouechase


I have been watching the project for a long time and I want to contribute to the development and growth of the project.

Tested many projects from the Starknet ecosystem on the mainnet: Wallets (Argent, Braavos), Official Bridge Stargate, Jediswap, Myswap, 10k swap, Mint square, Aspect, Starknet ID and etc. Deployed a smart contract in the Starknet mainnet network.

I am professionally engaged in information security (I have a higher education in this field).


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xd9be38C8867775A3fD79482a30BD7fa7a53Fc08F
Twitter handle: @Gopika7G
Discord: Gopika#8310

Greetings! I am a software engineer with a passion for blockchain technology and a specialization in Web3 Technologies. I am also a content creator who loves to share my knowledge with others. For the past two years, I have actively participated in various blockchain communities, and I am now seeking to become a delegate for the StarkNet community.

I believe in the potential of blockchain technology to transform the world, and I want to contribute to this change through my involvement in StarkNet. As a delegate, I will prioritize decentralization, security, and ecosystem growth, and I will always act in the best interest of the StarkNet community. I will maintain transparency and accessibility, keeping the community informed about my decisions.

While I don’t have direct experience with DAO Governance, I have a good understanding of its concepts and role, and I am eager to learn and contribute to the governance process.

My areas of expertise are Web3 Technologies, including proficiency in Solidity, Hardhat, and Truffle. I have also built dApps using ReactJS and web3.js. Furthermore, I have published numerous articles and tutorials on blockchain technology on Medium and have hosted several webinars.

Delegators should choose me as their delegate because of my passion and commitment to blockchain technology, my determination to make StarkNet an improved platform, and my desire to involve the community in the decision-making process.

I have no current conflicts of interest, but I will always disclose any potential conflicts that may arise during my tenure as a delegate. I am open to any requests or questions from delegators, and you can reach me on Twitter for prompt responses.

Thank you for considering my application.


Delegate Profile


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x1ea478C2d53917f803Cb9914b0B230aD06800064
StarkNet address: 0x00Fc448f13B1467299Af10623A320608494787b6d9ebdE4D2f654b67F5cD0908
Twitter handle: @the_liolik
Discord: the_liolik#3786


My name is Alex, I’m from Ukraine.

I’m a CFO in an indie Game Dev studio, but crypto is my hobby, so a few days per week I spend developing my technical skills in blockchain tech.
More than 15+ games published for PC (Steam, WinStore) and more than 20 for iOS, Android (Unity and own engine) .

Our next game would be on StarkNet for sure.
Now we completed our Design Doc, completed our Visual concept and created dozens of graphics and assets.

We are in stealth mode for now, but our coming out would be in a few months.

Experience and contributions

I’ve been in crypto since 2k17.
I’m an experienced node runner and validator, and participated in dozens of closed and opened testnets and mainnets.

Also have 2+ years as a Full-Stack developer.
My top skills are Solidity, Cairo, Rust, Move, Web3, C# and JS.

Completed StarkNet Basecamp (cohort 1), and StarkNet Cairo 101 form iHenry.

Fulfilling Delegator Role

I’m very excited about ZK and I think that StarkNet Vision and Mission is the best suit, so I want to be a part of it.

So as a delegator I will do my best as a tech specialist and as a part of Governance.

Core values

My core values are: Transparency, Decentralisation and Growth. As for transparency and decentralization my mission is to be in guard of it by actively participating in governance.

As for Grow, I’m something like a Developer Advocate for StarkNet, so my key point is suitable frameworks and simple guides for Dev’s and project onboarding and ecosystem growth.

Experience in DAO governance

I’m an active participant in ParaState and Moonwell Artemis DAO.

Conflicts of Interest

As I said above, we are building a StarkNet based WEB3 Game.


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Ethereum address: 0x8eB0028af7151b9e3b6b528d5612d3C7570d64c0
StarkNet: 0x03589c567b8bfe63c005a30872ae12c5b9005dae21b43f707eab037f6241218d
Discord: Sreen#1405

As a potential delegate for the StarkNet ecosystem, I am honored to offer my services. With my extensive experience and contributions in this field, I believe that I can significantly aid in advancing the project’s objectives. My primary goals as a delegate are to ensure responsible governance and optimize resource utilization.

Transparency, honesty, and openness are the guiding principles that inform my values. Additionally, my proficiency in DAO governance equips me with the necessary tools to comprehend the community’s requirements and make informed decisions.

I have expertise in blockchain technology and community management, and possess exceptional communication and problem-solving skills. If you choose to delegate to me, I assure you of my commitment and responsiveness towards promoting the community’s interests. I have no conflicts of interest that may impede my participation in StarkNet governance and I support the compensation of delegates for their service.

Thank you for considering my candidacy as a delegate.

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x7Ea9b8ba0d889Ba42458f657Ed27244AD593dfe7
StarkNet address: 0x0061037E01F2d56B55346765c4638dB563ECbee93535a699CE0267442AEe55Fd
Twitter: xiaom3333

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  • Ethereum Mainnet Address:0xB77A88668A2C58268E2B639B32F4b85bedd63676
  • StarkNet address: 0x038e0aa937cdb0542f483110a5542b970c77b3d702ff00a18e26b87bdeb89ac5
    -I am with crypto starting in 2021, in cryptocurrency. beginning in 2021
    Based on my own experience with starknet. Wallets, NFT markets, bridges, and node runners are all being tested.
    -Why im interested being in starknet? Simple. I must be a member of something greater than the standard chains because it is a AAA product. Hope I didn’t get it wrong.
    -What is dao? In addition to acmealary, I manage two smaller communities. I collected some powerful lads in a tiny space. And our group wanted to be assassins.
    -Why is it vital for me to delegate?
    In the CIS-community, my words have weight since we all collaborate closely and support one another.-
    -Truth ranks first on the main list of essential values. When I have to teach any man, I’m not interested in making money off of my messages.
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Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xF2827066a2f35F232a6f2ebd076853DD6EA49DE7
Discord: Jesper#3075

It would be an honor for me to serve as a delegate in the StarkNet ecosystem. Given my extensive experience and contributions in this field, I am confident that I can significantly aid in advancing the project. As a delegate, I will prioritize responsible governance and optimal resource utilization.

My values of transparency, honesty, and openness serve as my guiding principles. With my proficiency in DAO governance, I am equipped with the necessary tools to understand the community’s requirements and make informed decisions.

Moreover, my expertise lies in blockchain technology and community management. I possess exceptional communication skills and problem-solving abilities.

If you choose to delegate to me, you can expect a committed and responsive delegate who will work tirelessly to promote the community’s interests. I have no conflicts of interest that may hinder my participation in StarkNet governance, and I strongly support compensating delegates for their service.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for delegate.

Ethereum Mainnet Address:
Twitter: Jain_zhang