Delegate Profile Thread

ETH: 0xF23B09A9f934bc6769Cb4A3e3Df95D62c5910B13
Discord: Yashhh#5374
Tw: @Yashhhhhh123

As someone who has been involved in defi for a while, I have a strong affinity for the Starkness ecosystem and a deep commitment to promoting the defi/web3 community. I believe that StarkNet has the potential to emerge as a top scaling platform in this domain, and I am excited to contribute to its success. Throughout my journey, I have actively engaged in the governance of various initiatives and anticipate making even more significant strides in the future.

One aspect that distinguishes the StarkNet governance from other DAOs and communities is its emphasis on public goods. While these goods are often overlooked, they serve a crucial role in bolstering the decentralized economy and merit appropriate attention.

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xDab54735153c6eD02eb4b99E484fe7a672fA281a
Twitter handle: @CrystalGog
Discord: CrystalGOG#6234

I have a passion for testing new products and wallets on the blockchain, and I’m an avid participant in the crypto space. Through my exploration of various chains and products in web3, I’ve developed a strong attachment to Starknet, particularly during my positive experiences testing your chain on the testnet. I’m thrilled to see that L2 solutions like Starknet are the future of Ethereum and can’t wait to see where it goes.

To be a delegate, one needs a combination of technical expertise, communication skills, and a deep understanding of Starknet’s objectives. Casting votes on proposals is one of the most critical duties, and it’s essential to align them with the interests of delegators and the entire community. I believe I possess the necessary skills for this role and will actively engage in discussions to comprehend the concerns of our community. Additionally, I’ve spoken on several panels regarding L2s, scaling, and games, including Starknet events, in the past year.

Ethereum mainnet address: 0xCa144788cBBc3703196422C125E5C73c5D3023B6 twitter: @Tatiana13451025
Hi everyone!
I see and appreciate how Starknet is using technology to create a positive social impact and promote public goods in the long term for the benefit of all.
I want web3 to continue to be truly transformative by remaining a decentralized technology and creating a more just and equal society. I see and appreciate that Starknet puts purpose ahead of profit and promotes the development of public goods in the long term for the benefit of all.
I deeply believe in the importance of decentralization and community governance for an ecosystem to thrive. Although I do not have direct experience in DAO governance, my background in project management and team leadership positions me well to make a valuable contribution to the governance process. I would like to become a delegate because I believe in the mission and purpose of StarkNet and I would like to be part of that.

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xb1D360c7e61182e8ECeaA0b553480cDC086E704F

Twitter handle: @WendyBr44413528

My interest in becoming a delegate for the StarkNet project. As a long-time node operator and active participant in project activities, I’m deeply committed to the success of the network.

I believe that as a delegate, I can play a key role in developing and growing the ecosystem. I’m eager to contribute my skills and experience to help drive the project forward and ensure its continued success.

I’m excited about the potential of the StarkNet network and the opportunities it presents. I believe that as a delegate, I can help unlock even greater potential and pave the way for a bright future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x05A0e3Daf37bd8C4afF6E8CEb7E75dD903974Bf5

Twitter handle: @HimhimhaHimhimha

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to be part of the StarkNet community. As a long-time node operator and active participant in project activities, I’ve seen firsthand the potential of the network to revolutionize the industry. I’m eager to contribute to its development and help drive its growth.

That’s why I’m applying to become a delegate. By taking on this role, I hope to not only further the project but also expand my own capabilities and knowledge. I believe that being a delegate will allow me to make a meanin

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x9af06CBff5b5150177888fBf11374B6D047F030F
Twitter handle: @kahleah1232

About my experience in the StarkNet ecosystem: Over the past year, I have actively engaged in the StarkNet ecosystem, testing various projects, and participating as a moderator and contributor in several communities, including Carmine Options, Magnety, JediSwap, Nostra Finance, and Brine. I have also contributed as a graphic designer and was one of the top testers in the closed testnet ZK Lend, for which I received recognition and a reward.

The community has been very welcoming and supportive, and I am excited to continue my involvement in the ecosystem. My goal is to explore new opportunities, contribute to the development of the ecosystem, and act as an Ambassador if given the chance. I am also knowledgeable about node setup and operation.

When making any decisions, I prioritize being a part of the ecosystem’s growth, contributing to its success, and making sure that it aligns with the core values of the community.

My skills: deep manual testing, UI/UX audit, technical writing, translation, user support, graphic design, and moderation.

Eto (Vortex Finance) Delegate Profile

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x4AA023cA41346cc2869Ed4db7588fC58055074e9
Starknet Address: 0x049ce1a058d5aac9553a6d1225d95b09561096d71505ef5abb216c2576a79574
Twitter Handle: @Eto_d_HF

Hello everyone, I am Eto, NFT Collector and Community Manager for Vortex Finance, an asset streaming protocol built on the Starknet protocol. I have about 3 years of general crypto and DeFi knowledge and 1 year in Community Building.

I would love to become a Delegate because I believe in what Starknet is building and I would love to support in its decentralization. I have the technical know-how and experience in DeFi/DAO Ecosystem to make decisions that would benefit Starknet Users.

Being a Delegate, Decisions would be made based on the long-term benefit of Starknet while upholding the untold rules of DeFi.

My core value lies in setting exceptional standards and I am sure this will have effect on my decision-making process as a Delegate.I would be open to all as concerns reasons behind my decisions and will give my best in improving Starknet.

I have quite the experience in DAO governance and voting as I am a member of various NFT-based and DeFi DAOs.

I have a vast knowledge of the Blockchain Industry. I am a Community Manager so I know how to handle interests.

There would be no any conflict of interest whatsoever.

Concerning requests from Delegators, My DM is open to all and I will give consideration to all that is put across to me.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x596cb04604C2fe7b2c5834d93226c6a6fC11341f
  • StarkNet address: 0x01e75d911934ed8CF7d6Fc67cC7e763fAD2358ef7434343696Bc262e3B1ddd93
  • ENS name: nosealsmoneyback.eth
  • Twitter handle: @Nosealse

Hello everyone in the StarkNet community!

My name is NoSealse, and I am excited to introduce myself as a candidate for a delegate in the StarkNet governance process.

I have been interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2017, and I am a big believer in the power of zk-rollups and the potential of StarkNet. As an early user of StarkEX customers like Sorare, Immutable X, and dYdX, I have seen firsthand the benefits of this technology, especially when it comes to transaction fees and scalability.

I have experience in DAO governance on other blockchain projects like Optimism and L2 related projects, which has given me a practical understanding of how to govern in decentralized systems. Additionally, I am a content creator and blockchain data analyst, and I am currently learning how to create Queries and Dashboards on Dune Analytics. I have a good overview of the Ethereum space, particularly when it comes to L2 solutions such as optimistic and zero-knowledge rollups.

If elected as a delegate, I will use my experience and skills to help guide the StarkNet governance process in a transparent and democratic manner. I am committed to educating the community about the benefits of StarkNet and contributing to the network’s continued growth and success.

I do not have any conflicts of interest.

• Ethereum address : 0x52782CbF7c14Bf24D79Ff4dd6B85335c8f29Ab64
• Starknet address : 0x06ec8FC8830E51c8E212DEE960F3EF2CE0922949a4Dda6aC7a8170015933897d
• Twitter handle : @AlfiEy_sulLiVan

• I was an early starknet fanatic.
I am also an early starknet network tester.
some that I’ve worked on include
• Mint NFT
• testing the running platform on the goerli testnet starknet.

• i want to be delegate because i want to contribute more in early testing and bug finding in future platforms.
• I once joined DAO governance at uniswap as UNI holder and i also member of imtoken DAO as TFT holder.
• For token holders hope you look at all aspects of the community.
I can contribute more if you delegate tokens to me.
building community and directing with honesty for ecosystem development.

Thanks starknet.
We build together.
We create value.
And we are

Mos DCA - Delegate Profile


Address: 0x4E7abd6Bf7B8227Dea9966CdfE9134Eb35FE81c5

Twitter: @mosatarnft

Hey everybody, I’m Mos and I’ve been in crypto since 2016. As an experienced blockchain professional, I have contributed significantly to the cryptoverse, and I am eager to take on the role of a delegate. I believe that I have the skills and expertise necessary to fulfill this role and ensure the continued success of the network.

I have a passion for blockchain governance and believe that transparency, fairness, and inclusivity are essential values that should guide decision-making. My past experience in DAO governance has taught me the importance of these values and has provided me with the skills necessary to navigate complex governance structures.

In terms of my skills and expertise, I have extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and am well-versed in the technical aspects of smart contract development. I have also worked closely with other blockchain projects and have a deep understanding of the industry and its trends.

As a delegate, I am committed to representing the interests of all token-holders and ensuring that the network is secure and sustainable. I believe that my core values and commitment to transparency and inclusivity make me an ideal candidate for this role.

While I have no conflicts of interest that would impact my participation in StarkNet governance, I would encourage all delegators to carefully consider their options before making a decision. I am open to any questions or concerns that token-holders may have and am committed to providing regular updates on my activities as a delegate.

In conclusion, I believe that I am the right person to represent the interests of the StarkNet community and ensure the continued success of the network. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a delegate and to work together to achieve our shared goals.



  • Address: 0x6Fbe7A00220A5fAb8584DB7A8Ce4566C605fd7a4
  • ENS name: franalgaba.eth
  • Twitter: @franalgaba_
  • Github: franalgaba


Hello! I’m Fran Algaba, active contributor in the Starknet community and very excited to be considered as a delegate. I’m one of the co-founders of Giza where we are building an onchain AI protocol for deploying trained models in Starknet. Over the last year I’ve been contributing to the community building open source tooling to ease the developer experience while working with Cairo:

  • I built the first package manager for Cairo called Felucca, an initial approach to manage dependencies more structurally.
  • Created a set of hooks on pre-commit for Cairo projects to automatically manage formatting, testing, and vulnerability detection with integration in GitHub repositories.
  • Open-sourced the ONNX framework in Cairo so people can bring the trained AI models into Starknet as smart contracts. An open-source contribution from Giza.
  • Created Shefcraft, a tool to easily manage deployment and upgrades of Cairo smart contracts for most common token standards like ERC20.
  • Created neural-network-cairo, the first Neural Network implemented in Cairo 1.0 with community contributions for Matrix and Tensor implementation in Cairo 1.0.

As a delegate, I will prioritize decentralization, ecosystem growth, and scaling contributions. As a delegate, I will be committed to building an engaged community member to help the growth and evolution of Starknet as well as its decentralization.

Conflicts of Interest

I am the co-founder of Giza, a protocol in Starknet. As an active user of StarkNet I believe this represents a well-aligned interest rather than a conflict, but I list it again to be as transparent as possible.

Requests for Delegators?

Feel free to DM me on Twitter if you have any requests or questions.

Thanks a lot for your attention.



SEEDLatam - Delegate Profile


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xc99c2bda0beaa0b4c9774b48b81307c00e19cade

StarkNet Mainnet Address: 0x00c049fa04dca9bb9b8afff0d1dba27f13b1bef8d7829e0281186e4456c22ddd

Wallet Address or ENS: Seeds.eth

Twitter Community: @SEEDLatam


Who we are:

SEEDLatam is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and accompanying web3 communities in Latin America. We bring together educators, developers, researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, students, and enthusiasts who build and promote knowledge and critical thinking about Ethereum.

Our goal is to raise the level of knowledge about web3 in Latin America and to empower future leaders.

Our reasons for wanting to be a delegate:

We are passionate about the administration of the beacon chain and the communities that depend on the web3 services provided by the Ethereum chain. In our opinion, StarkNet is an invaluable scaling solution that supports the L2 scaling model for Ethereum, and we are committed to educating others and helping them select tools that align with our shared values.

In many contexts, Latam has been behind the scenes (vibrant adoption) but our participation as a regional community in formal instances has not been enough until now. In Latam, we want to change that and insert all the talent that users from our +20 Latam countries have in the best possible way.

That said, as a delegate, we want to work with our communities to coordinate a credible representation of all those truly interested in the future of Web3 and Starknet from the perspective of our region, SEEDLatam, and other communities.

Scaling Ethereum is the most important topic for global adoption, and we are willing to collaborate to remove barriers in this part of the world and raise our voice.

Conflict of interest:

We actively participate in the governance of other reputable ecosystems.

Delegator requests?

We could have AMA Spaces to discuss the Governance Process together. You can also send us your requests via private message and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Ethereum main network address: 0xBDF774c5940D8A1bf2868f96773345Dc2B3db867
StarkNet address: 0x02ba9ceeDb4309Cf4A1De61A55e94F09c20dBA9Be04A440bD7f7eBC55c47C736
ENS name: panda38.eth
Hi all!
I recently joined as a StarkNet user and I really like the idea of ​​creating a crypto ecosystem. I am an adherent of defi’s core values, I am goal oriented and I try to immerse myself in the topic in order to acquire knowledge and be useful in the development of a healthy system and management process. Very excited to be part of the team and teach the opportunity to learn more about StarkNet.
As a delegate, I am for a fair and equitable society and will work with other members of society to achieve the success of the ecosystem.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x3aBBb155f20E8845bA8fF03412dcC40Da73B2b4f
Discord: Jarkoo#6083
Twitter handle:@sherilfgog

I am responsible for curating a Daily News Aggregating Recap focused on StarkNet and, to some extent, StarkEx. My objective is to disseminate knowledge and enthusiasm about the latest advancements in this scaling solution by incorporating multimedia content such as YouTube tutorials and Twitter Spaces. Aspiring to become a Delegate, I believe that this experience would be highly educational and would enable me to report and share Governance proposals and developments more effectively with the StarkNet Community. I also aim to increase community engagement in the governance process, even for those who do not directly participate, by involving them in my voting decisions if approved by the Foundation and the council. My focus will always be on making StarkNet a reliable and community-driven network.

While I have not had direct experience with DAO Governance, I am knowledgeable about its concept and role. I have been studying and analyzing blockchain technicalities for a long time and completed a Pathcourse three years ago to become a Solidity Dev from scratch, though I am not highly technical. My areas of expertise are in Content Creation and Educational/Fundamental-Driven Promotional Content. I strive to simplify complex concepts and make them easy to understand.

Delegates should select me as a Delegator because I am an active community member who will work diligently to ensure that they feel like an integral part of the StarkNet Governance process. However, it is worth noting that I create content about the StarkNet Ecosystem and have received support in the form of sponsorships, partnerships, and grants to ensure the sustainability of this content. I am willing to disclose any business agreements I have with the Foundation and council during the length of the delegation.

Finally, I would like to request that we have AMA Spaces to discuss the Governance Process together, and you can also DM me with any questions or requests you may have. Thank you for your attention!


Artem Svetlicniy
Delegate Profile


  • Address: 0xCA0fea9cE9C42bDCA838fE133E20B47851857eBB
  • StarkNet address : 0x066950a78830568e5718a8444f7A682C27C2AFa377273E3EfB421AA2cEB2E314
  • Twitter: @TyHibari

About me:
Hey there, my name is Artem and I’m running for delegate position on StarkNet. Here’s a bit about me: I’ve been actively involved in the crypto space since 2018 and have worked on several projects such as ZkSync, Arb, Tally ho. I’m confident that my skills and experience will allow me to serve as an effective delegate for the StarkNet community.

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Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xcCdffc2216c2eDA0D1d5DF8F92ae0ce1546d7F34
StarkNet address:0x042716DBAbDfBdcb7fE89676Fe58cc5F8214128e3535F82d40b46727B665C3c3
ENS name: formfunction.eth
Twitter handle: @JJwusimei

With regards to my experience, I have previously served as a DAO member for several organizations within the cryptocurrency space, including managing decision-making proposals and participating in community governance discussions.

As a DAO member, my responsibilities included coordinating with other community members to propose and vote on important decisions related to operations and strategy. This involved a deep understanding of the organization’s core values and objectives, as well as careful consideration of the potential consequences of each decision.

I believe that these skills would translate well to the role of a StarkNet delegate, where I would act as a representative of the community in helping to drive decision-making and propose voting options that align with the community’s goals and priorities.



Ethereum mainnet address: 0x48CF07dB09c3A5262aEdD80235aba77476B012a6
ENS: novic.eth
StarkNet address: 0x031872a20dfcc8d3bce07f4d1208188b17e0356734a4ea66db0eae7fcb076b58
Twitter handle: @in080694
Discord handle: ihor.novic#0155

Hello everyone, my name is Ihor and I am excited to share my profile as a potential Delegate for the StarkNet ecosystem.

My passion for blockchain technology and DeFi has led me to seek opportunities to contribute to the community. I have been involved in the blockchain space since 2018 and have worked on several blockchain-based projects. I have also been following StarkNet since its inception and believe in the platform’s vision to provide a scalable and secure platform for building and deploying decentralized applications on Ethereum.

As a Delegate, I plan to fulfill my role by actively participating in governance decisions and ensuring that the ecosystem remains secure and decentralized. I will also strive to maintain open communication with the community to ensure that the needs and concerns of token-holders are heard.

My core values include transparency, accountability, and collaboration. I believe that these values are essential for building a strong and decentralized ecosystem. As a Delegate, I will ensure that my decisions align with these values and that the StarkNet ecosystem remains true to its principles.

I have experience in DAO governance, having served as a member of the governance committee for a DeFi platform. I have also been involved in community building and have helped to organize several blockchain-related events.

Token-holders should delegate to me because I have a deep understanding of blockchain technology and its potential for transforming industries. I am also committed to contributing to the growth and development of the StarkNet ecosystem and will make decisions that align with the best interests of the community.

I have no conflicts of interest that could potentially impact my decision-making as a Delegate. However, I will be transparent and disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise during my term.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Discord. Thank you for considering me as a potential Delegate for the StarkNet ecosystem.


ETH MainNet: 0x233785e45C21850BeC3525926737350387b4D1B2
Discord (PM me): Annie25#6862

Greetings, I go by the name of milleniumice and I am thrilled to be part of the StarkNet community. With my extensive experience in the blockchain industry, I am enthusiastic about utilizing my knowledge to help shape the future of StarkNet.

As a member of the StarkNet governance team, I hold dear the following core values:

Transparency and fairness: I strive to establish a governance system that is equitable and transparent to all stakeholders. It is my duty to ensure that all voices are heard, and that the community’s interests are given utmost priority.
Innovation and growth: StarkNet is a dynamic and innovative platform with the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the blockchain. I am committed to fostering the platform’s growth and development, and will work collaboratively with the community to implement new ideas that will drive us towards our objectives.
Collaboration and community: I strongly believe that collaboration and community are crucial elements for success in any venture. As part of the StarkNet governance team, I will work closely with other stakeholders to cultivate a flourishing ecosystem where everyone can contribute to the platform’s success.
I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to contribute to the StarkNet community, and I pledge to work tirelessly towards achieving our shared objectives. Thank you for placing your trust and support in me. I look forward to collaborating with each and every one of you in the months and years ahead.


Ethereum Address: 0x48b92d29a11AD837C1008B02F016d6f1bB99CDcA
Address StarkNet: 0x058088b2fda69eb2050dd9f6baac5dbb0e5606fd50ecb4052ea6f5751fdcaeeb
Twitter handle: @frasmorf1

Hello, my name is Frasmorf, I propose my candidacy for the role of delegate. I will tell you about my experience, I confidently program in Python, I have an idea about interchangeable tokens and decentralized finance. I have been working in the crypto space for about 5 years. My main focus is on network security as well as growth. I have no potential conflicts of interest.

Ethereum Address: 0x96084be543647201F6C4880dE13c2BDa5923dD43
Address StarkNet: 0x00daa2b967d5017afa2a3219b9f747b56ee8234cc2d77009bf13bc97fce0afb1
Twitter handle: @sraslorl1


I work in a Linux environment, and I have some experience working with crypto nodes of other projects. I have been following the project for quite a long time, and I want to participate in the management of the ecosystem. I hope you will be satisfied with my work.

I don’t have any conflicts of interest.

Thank you for your attention.