Delegate Profile Thread

Ethereum Address: 0x94aa6A0e34395ffab096B4658A97676c41E0a377
Address StarkNet: 0x0068ab1bec210061eede88e5226bd1cf9c3a8ca48005db0fffec30705a2a0f67
Twitter handle: @ankrusat7

I offer myself to become a delegate since I have ecosystem experience. I believe in openness, as my work is done mostly with open source. This means open access to key infrastructure components, strengthening links between all ecosystem participants and attracting liquidity.

Thank you for everything. I hope I will become a valuable addition to the network.


Ethereum Address: 0x35cf6E55687c60CA2695dCc2E2459ceEa8E3d5Ff
Address StarkNet: 0x00a418f5bb94c007779fe117ae4e9f8250acb4520d4e435368801996b6a0a30f
Twitter handle: @bezobzeb8

When I am elected as a delegate, I will work with other members of society to achieve the success of the ecosystem, as well as advocate for a fair society. I joined the ecosystem as a user quite a long time ago, and I like being part of the ecosystem. And I am very happy to be part of a team where there is an opportunity to learn more about the crypto industry of this project in particular.


Ethereum Address: 0xFD3fCb4C7ac46B025364BA903F1BDE9dB637f682
Address StarkNet: 0x0022b5c286ab8a08c8e65972362ae9b3ffa91c3d3b4ecbfbb701edc1c24af6cc
Twitter handle: @cakenpaz9

I look forward to working with other stakeholders to contribute to the success of the platform and the ecosystem as a whole. I believe that my community building skills, communication and strategic thinking, as well as communication will be valuable assets in this role. I am eager to learn and contribute to the management of the platform.

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Ethereum Address: 0x72C5d7FbdDf79b8C8fEB9B1F084f998A02C313Eb
Address StarkNet: 0x02d7c7c9d61eaa4909a47c89d57fa096ec2911afdbab2c6d6ed4d6e500050eab
Twitter handle: @dokerbull10

Firstly, I am well versed in blockchain technology, and I know how to create smart contracts, because I have development skills. I also have experience in managing the DAO, as I have often participated in a large number of projects that are managed by the community. I know that my experience and experience in the ecosystem make me an excellent candidate for delegation of authority.

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Mainnet adress : 0xbc58D12bc5C88a00391927581AE28D0E4D54E9E0
ENS : scoubidix.eth
Twitter handle : @scoubidoo50


Hello, I’m Val, or Scoubidix in web3, and I’m french
I’m a physiotherapist in real life, and an enthusiast crypto user since 2020.

I am a volunteer advisor and moderator of the Carbonable platform since the first StarknetCC in Paris. Carbonable is one of the pioneers of the Starknet ecosystem.
I would like to become a delegate in order to contribute to this universe, especially in the decentralization of the ecosystem. I already vote at my own level in several DAOs, on projects I like.


  • Support organic development with a long-term vision for the Starknet ecosystem.
  • Defend the interests of users, adapting to the economic and technical realities of the network.
  • Opt for choices that favor decentralization and transparency
  • Abstain from votes dealing with advanced technical issues. I consider that many talented people have a much higher legitimacy than me on these subjects.


As a Starknet user, I have funds deployed on a few projects in the ecosystem, including Carbonable. I will do my best to ensure that these elements do not disrupt a long-term approach and vision for the development of the network.


  • Address: 0x24C7AB2554a454Fef5558c22eC9d32983C61cF6C
  • Twitter: @kungfumode

Hi all!
I helped Ukrainian-speaking and russian-speaking community members in Discord. I did translations, memes. Now I want to help the project more seriously. I think I know enough about him.
I have already used the project on the mainnet, and I want to help develop it.
I plan to continue to take an active part in the life of the project!

Ethereum Address: 0x5df36A5791D8d8e7913F0DB3D3C6C5a989D76311
Address StarkNet: 0x0116b4f502294e1842973e622975ff58761d46409c4e322826fd0c7f97642ffd
Twitter handle: @mzcham17

Greetings. I’ve been following the starknet ecosystem for a while now, participating in testnet, deploying smart contracts, and being somewhat active. Also have experience in other projects. Would like to get a little deeper into SN and become a delegate. I think I deserve it :slight_smile:

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Ethereum Address: 0x833F32387aC2D7f9C84C2a09BDa05E5C6c0C697e
Address StarkNet: 0x05f163ff65a394905c888821803fe85848f37ca900ed95f0736543948999735f (yarrr.stark)
Twitter: @horde4anchor

Dear members of the DAO community,

I am writing to express my interest in joining this DAO and becoming a valuable member of this community. Although I have limited experience with DAOs and creating smart contracts, I am eager to learn and contribute to this exciting new world of decentralized organizations.

I have been following the developments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for some time now, and I am excited about the potential of DAOs to create more democratic and transparent organizations. I have taken some courses and read extensively about smart contracts, and I believe I have a basic understanding of how they work.

While I may not have extensive experience in managing DAOs, I am a quick learner and am willing to put in the effort to gain the necessary skills and knowledge. I am also a good communicator and team player, and I believe that these skills will be useful in working with other members of this community.

I am eager to learn from other members of this community and to contribute my skills and ideas to the growth and development of this DAO. I believe that by working together, we can build a better future for everyone.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to become a member of this community and contribute to its success.

Thanks a lot for reading this.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x3625AB76D2028a7a27Ab2037388D8Dd3C53aBe0C
  • StarkNet address: 0x03b9d5e825d92332d32daa3a56362d111de2041c75ba50762ea8ef9645b9142b
  • Twitter handle: @Mzfrizzy101

Hi all.
Long time in the field of cryptocurrency. I test systems and projects, administer discords. I participate in different DAOs. It’s time to become a part of SN project. At least as a delegate :slight_smile:
In SN system I am not so long, I participated in Odyssey testnet, I bought a domain. Ecosystem impressed me, the scale is grandiose. I want to be useful to this project. I put forward the candidacy))


Ethereum wallet address: 0x882f8cB98F67E6e1e92f0aF9d8FF521cB4d5B068
Starknet Wallet Address: 0x882f8cB98F67E6e1e92f0aF9d8FF521cB4d5B068
BNB ENS Name: icedcoffee
Twitter handle : @zzangxk94
Link/Website :

Hello, I am a crypto influencer from Korea.
I have been studying coin-related information, nft, etc. for 3 years and have experience with Starknet testnet.
I will do my best if you give me permission. thank you


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x643DfC6542186a47d029448Ae0A7F2c6dAE7F3f0
  • StarkNet address: 0x01Fc808551c474BB9490943a6109dCCc5613Ce1736339B314037b0b662b3a1B7
  • ENS: olegnocap.eth
  • Twitter: @yungq1ddy
  • Website:

My name is Oleg and I have been working in cryptocurrency for more than two years and during this time, I was able to work in a large number of projects in the form of an ambassador, bug hunter, node runner, advertiser and some other positions.

I like the policy of Starknet and its principles, including, according to which, positive externalities should be rewarded with profit for a person.

Contribution to Starknet

I have known about the Starknet project for a long time and have been on the Discord server since April 17, 2022.

During this time I managed to:

    1. Start the node
    1. To do a lot of work related to Starknet (something like volunteering in the form of ambassadorship). Here is a link to the Google spreadsheet where all my work.
    1. Write 6 posts to your telegram channel about Starknet.


My core values that I plan to be guided by are:

    1. Activity
      If I participate in a project, I participate in all its areas and am always an active member of the community who will definitely not miss something important.
    1. Honesty and transparency.
      I do not resort to the influence of external factors and/or other people and am guided solely by my beliefs, which allows me to make only the right decisions based on my beliefs.
    1. Responsibility.
      Every decision, whatever it may be, is a responsibility. Sometimes small, sometimes big, but a responsibility. It is this way of thinking that allows you to think over important points repeatedly and only then make a decision.

Experience in the DAO

My past experience of participating in the DAO is to participate in leading positions in some DAOs from the CIS, in which I had to interact with the community on an ongoing basis. My experience suggests that I am well acquainted with the concepts of the DAO.


Token holders, first of all, should know about me that, again, I am a responsible person who takes his business seriously and can be trusted.

Always at your service.

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xFD4493a55A8E971d442718E08d56636d613EaAC4
Twitter handle: @gayatriparmar2

Dear StarkNet community members,

One of the key reasons I want to be a delegate is because I believe in the StarkNet team and their vision. I want to be part of that journey.

As a delegate, my plan is to actively learn from the platform and engage with the community to identify their needs and challenges. I will work tirelessly to highlight these issues and come up with practical solutions that benefit the community as a whole.

While I may not have extensive experience with the StarkNet ecosystem, I have worked with several other decentralized applications and platforms in the past. (Chia, Polkadot, Nym, Near, Luna))

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to the opportunity to serve as a delegate and contribute to the success of the StarkNet ecosystem.

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:large_blue_circle: Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0x7ABd480bDad5CCFe1AcC840cE408B1336b747ad3]
:large_blue_circle: StarkNet address: [0x014b3c4fad57591fae62757caebd6581e1f13f2c6892eb1c9aff9351181aec11]
:large_blue_circle: ENS name: [morty.stark]
:large_blue_circle: Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @coincase


I’m CEO of Coin Case DAO. We got active community of crypto fans.
We have been involved to StarkNet ecosystem from very early stage. We’re running nodes, testing wallets, swaps, NFT marketplaces, staying active in StarkNet social media. It’s many crypto whales involved to our community.

My experience and skills:

Got a lot of experience at different DAO governances. Largest of them are: Optimism, Stargate, AAVE, Uniswap, Gitcoin, GMX.
Very active voter, didn’t missed any voting.
I’m moderator in few huge projects like: Across, Biconomy, Jupiter Aggregator, KurateDAO.
Ambassador of next projects: Biconomy, Solcial, Sega, InvArch.
Running next nodes: StarkNet, Aleo, Masa, Aptos, Sui, Chainflip, Subspace.
Got huge experience in NFT creation, swags designing, making infographics, social media platforms (twitter, discord, telegram, youtube).

Why should someone delegate to me?

I am a very responsible person. I always listen to my community. I perform my duties fully and always on time, and I am a true and early starknet fan. I wish we could make starknet better together.

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  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xaC025131C19dB776b3B288b853AF70C7f91B9796
  • StarkNet address:0x07DE7bcFC10B446623C8027717984f90885Ff023544C97B362503B1E4AE1D10D
  • ENS name : himanshum.eth
  • Twitter handle :@Himansh83623316

new to starknet hoping to learn lots of new things and experience something new

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Ethereum wallet address: 0x398BC349b31a999c75DF3309Ad3B4da5bC2E4595
Starknet Wallet Address: 0x0510e84c111b0B0a4989b8eFeb73637d7f631e5892D67D91AbA8f4e74d2b11a9
Stark ID: honzik.stark
Twitter handle : @Honza_Ondracka

First, a little bit about myself and then more on how I would like to help the Stark ecosystem.

Who am I?
I am part of crypto space from early 2013 and have seen many ups and downs over the years. My main expertise if you will, is investing in fundamentally sound projects. I have researched hundreds of them and I regularly try to be up to date on what is possible in this part of the internet. I also work on improving my mental models to be able to recognize what is real and what works. I have used these skills mainly for my benefit as an investor as that has been my sole source of income for many years. Benefiting only myself is however lonely endeavor so I have recently started to share my analysis and thoughts on Twiiter. Being an active part of this wonderful revolution would be my preferred next step.

Why me?
I Strongly believe in ETH ethos and that Starknet is the best L2 to develop it further
I only care about fundamentals and reality. I am not a moonboy, degen, pepe or any other crypto mainstream identity that has developed over the years.
I research as long as needed to discover if something will work or not.

What would I do as a delegate?
Research each proposal as best as I could and think deeply about how would that affect Starknet in 5, 10, and 50 years in the future and what that can do for the world.
I would share my reasoning with others as I do on my twitter account.
I would strive for Starknet and the broader crypto space to not become a zero-sum game where we have to beat each other.

With everything that is happening in the physical space, we need to lay down the foundations for a digital oasis where we can learn to cooperate again. I strongly believe Starknet is that place.

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Vlad Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x80ba31510C127C88c4d0Ad2C530616956f274296

  • StarkNet address: 0x06Fa9ee8BEaE740FD6Dd13E565727A97E666E8E9524687b600B420B81f99Ad1B

  • Twitter: @vladair01


Hey everyone! I’m Vlad. Currently based in Poland. At this point in my life, I’m an iOS developer. I am interested in cryptography, software development and blockchain. Familiar with blockchain since 2018. I am most interested in Ethereum and all the most technological L2 solutions that are built on it. I have been familiar with Starknet for more than a year and actively follow its development.

My experience in voting processes

I have enough experience in votes of different types, types and ranks. From basics, Snapshot.xuz to voting like Optimism or like in Cosmos.

I understand how such systems work.

My Values

Among my values, I would highlight honesty, openness, decentralization (if we talk about web3), accuracy, responsibility and punctuality.

Conflicts of Interest

I am not a representative or member of any Starknet competitor, etc. I am an active web3 enthusiast who believes that decentralization and crypto will benefit the world and still have a lot to offer. My interests include the development of web3, blockchains and L2 blockchain solutions. I love Starknet, the people behind it and the developers. I am ready to join the joint development process of Starknet.

Why me?

I am a responsible person who conducts my own analysis before making such important decisions and votes on time and in favor of Starknet.

Thank you for your attention.

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Robert - Delegate Profile


  • Address: 0x4605dB8ebf4BC5d42C80bDf979b7eb29a39411C0
    *Twitter: @vinjance


Hello everyone, my name is Robert, I am a law student and I live in Poland.
I got acquainted with cryptocurrency relatively recently, at the end of 2019, and became very interested in it. I devote almost all my free time to studying and testing new crypto projects.

I am very excited to see progress in the Ethereum ecosystem as it scales. And I consider Starknet one of the most promising scaling solutions.
I am a very active member of the crypto community and will do my best to protect the core values of Starknet.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this post.
If you have any questions or want to chat, I’m always happy to chat on Twitter.

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Oozo Delegation Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xF9221AAd205C8bE9fD5425802EdeCFCA12f514e6

  • StarkNet address: 0x018d7A9f20930536f3a256b2c711B95D4EA56B1029655D502a35aB4D064a0a12

  • Twitter: @StepnOozo


Greeting! My name is Oozo. Off-chain I am an engineer, and on-chain I am a community project manager on Ethereum and an ambassador of several Tier-1 EVM projects. In my free time, besides developing communities and developing the social side of web3 projects, I also research and study the technical aspects of blockchains and their current challenges. Of course, I am interested in EVM, VASM, L2, Zk, Sharding, NFT, DEFI and DAO.

My Values

In my opinion, the most important values in web3 are accessibility, decentralization, openness, transparency, permissionlessness and universal accessibility. It is these values that I adhere to.

My experience in DAO

Since I have been in the Blockchain world for quite some time (since 2019), I have found and been a participant in more than one DAO and other voting systems (for example Snapshot) or in Cosmos and Optimism.

Conflicts of Interest

I don’t think I have any conflicts of interest, as I see and understand that the starknet developers and its community have the same values as me, which means that on the contrary, I will work for the benefit of starknet together with its contributors.

Why should someone delegate to me?

As always, I will make well-considered and carefully analyzed decisions in voting. My voting results will always be transparent, open and timely. I am honored to have the opportunity to participate in the Starknet voting.


Beeper Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xe140D0B91CDf586b92C7AF5DE0031c9bd217C28A

  • StarkNet address: 0x04F873176E4f3CEb1af4BFBa3657e432A895948ca7DF1139958fA6E5FdB72218

  • Twitter handle @Beeper2005


Hello people! My nickname is Beeper, I’m a web3 solidity developer (junior), crypto and web3 enthusiast and privacy connoisseur.

I am actively interested in the ether ecosystem (Defi, NFT, Privacy), in addition to the ecosystem, I technically study Starknet and other Zk technologies.

I am also an active participant and user of Starknet ecosystem projects.

Also i have small podscast about web3 :slight_smile:

My experience in DAO

I am a relatively early active member of the Starknet community and have been a long time user of ecosystem projects on Starknet. I also follow the development of some projects that have not yet been released and also closely follow the development of Starknet itself.

I have a lot of experience in voting in various DAOs and projects. I am an active member and voter of several large projects on Snapshot. I am also a member of small DAOs. I have experience in voting on Optimism. I really like participating in votes and discussions about projects, because I put a part of myself there.


My core values are openness, decentralization and accessibility.

Conflicts of Interest

As an active early adopter and member of Starknet, I highly appreciate the work of Starknet developers, I share my values and I am for web3 and mass adoption of blockchain, I will definitely not have any conflicts of interest.

Why should someone delegate to me?

I make decisions when voting as transparently as possible, with understanding and my own analysis.

Thanks for reading!


Baluya Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0xB52A3E73Df48992a2eBFf62CBd662855209564bf]

  • StarkNet address: [0x03b9D56508B30d1EBd19Db7832a694E9C9573Fa2E6b0711a8735F33A10609F35]

  • Twitter handle [@air_unlucky]


Greetings to all! My name is Anton, I am from Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m a Middle Java Developer currently working on a small local startup.

In the blockchain world, there is a tester of protocols and blockchains, I actively participate in the life of protocols and blockchains as an active member of the community, voter and delegator. My main focus is Ethereum and its ecosystem, L2, Zk-L2, etc.

My values & experience in voting

I am a relatively early active member of the Starknet community and have been a long time user of ecosystem projects on Starknet. I also follow the development of some projects that have not yet been released and also closely follow the development of Starknet itself.

I have good experience in delegating and voting in different levels of projects, so this will not be a problem for me, on the contrary, it will be a pleasure to be involved in something big. Among my values in the Web3 space are decentralization, independence, the right to vote and openness.

Why should someone delegate to me?

I treat voting responsibly. I vote on time and with full understanding of what and why I vote one way or another. I love Starknet and want to help develop it further!

Thanks for reading!