Delegate Profile Thread

Fresh Pizza Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0x559dac8DCcA403162f2178a099A73724cAde443a]

  • Twitter handle (optional): [@freshpizzadev]

My Past Activity in the StarkNet ecosystem

  • I’ve been developing on StarkNet for ~1 year. Thus I’m fully aware of it’s tech stack, frameworks and other tooling.

  • I’ve attended StarkNet events such as, the hacker house and Matchbox hackathons.

  • I’ve contributed to Open Source projects (primarily Kakarot).

  • I’ve participated in StarkNet shaman discussions

  • I’ve created content reviewing current projects on StarkNet Mainnet.

Expertise and Values

Before my time on StarkNet I worked fulltime for a DAO on Ethereum and am therefore very familar with how … challanging token driven governance can be.

Most of my expertise and interests are mostly in the area of DEFI. Therefore I’ll focusing on ensuring that StarkNet stays a place where that particular ecosystem can thrive.

StarkNet has been my home for the last year…and I like it here.

With my votes I’ll contribute towards StarkNet staying a place where creative and talented people are free to experiment whilst being an attractive environment for large scale applications/protocols.

This includes being sufficiently decentralized and transparent but also that the people in charge of evolving StarkNet are highly qualified and aligned with the StarkNet ecosystem as a whole.

Potential conflict of interests

I am not affiliated with any companies or DAOs at the time of writing.



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x2425F7f9e92e8b8709162F244146F4915AFF3D2F
  • StarkNet address: 0x0607b58e4134C3be2432f721ED6FEcbCcCC1DEA30E1a1339086DbB6610230881
  • ENS: highconviction.eth
  • Twitter handle: @brainlesscap

Hey StarkNet community,

My name is Chas, and I’m an experienced builder and on-chain gaming enthusiast based in SE Asia. I’m excited to throw my hat into the ring as a candidate for delegate in the StarkNet governance system.

My Motivation
I believe in the power of decentralized systems to reshape the way we govern and interact with each other. I want to play an active role in shaping the direction of StarkNet and ensuring that it continues to align with these values to foster a healthy, sustainable ecosystem of growth. Specifically, I plan to focus on utilizing my experience to review and vote on network upgrades and feature prioritization, as well as thoroughly engaging with the community to gather feedback and perspectives.

Probably have a small ulterior motive of putting StarkNet’s name as the “gaming chain” :smile:; yall sleeping on Cartridge.

My Core Values
As a delegate my core values will be transparency, accountability, and a commitment to the long-term success of the network. My priorities would be sustainable decentralization and community growth (+++ maintaining a healthy mix of builders & end users). I will ensure my best that I guide my decisions consistently with these.

Experience, Skills, Interest, and Expertise
My main interest over the past year or so has revolved around on-chain gaming, and extends somewhat to not-so-on-chain gaming but still gaming with stuff on-chain. Was heavily involved in the Parallel (the trading card game) community; deploying community utility stuff i.e. the cards dashboard, check it out if you’d like:

Parallel Alpha Dashboard - Google Sheets.

I’ve been bringing the same energy towards gaming projects I’ve encountered on StarkNet (shout-out Cartridge, Frenslands, Realms!) and cannot wait to foster like-minded people, and users onto the network.

Currently heads down on deploying the first fingers-crossed StarkNet’s first omnichain NFT as a way to fully cross-introduce the network with users from other networks; hope to integrate this further with StarkNet participants.

Past DAO/community involvements include: GenArt DAO, GCR Rebirth DAO, Klima DAO, and Gyroscope Protocol.

Most would probably categorize me as a community buildor first, then shippor next. But am now doing both with regards to StarkNet (doing the aforementioned omnichain NFT as a single team).

Additionally, I am committed to continuously educating myself and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

Why Chas?
As to why token-holders should delegate to me, I bring a combination of technical expertise, community engagement, and a deep understanding of the values that drive StarkNet. I am fully committed to the success of this project and will always put the interests of the network first.

Conflict of Interest
There are no conflicts of interest for me.

Thanks so much for reading this. I welcome any questions or feedback from the community and am available to be reached on my deets above. I hope to have the opportunity to serve as a delegate and work together with the community to drive the success of StarkNet.

Again, Thanks!




  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x1982ac6974d8722779120204036b1b951d551bd6
  • Twitter: [@xiaolou86]

Hello everyone! I am Shou Yi, a Software Engineer in the Blockchain Ecosystem. I have 3 years of experience building software and I have been in the blockchain space since 2021. And I am very interested in the Web3.

I would love to become a Delegate because I believe in the mission and goal of StarkNet and I would love to be part of it. I have the right values and also the fundamental technical knowledge needed to make decisions that would benefit StarkNet in the long run. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about StarkNet.

As a delegate, I would make sure I take into consideration the long-term effects of my votes by making sure it adheres to the ethos of blockchain and also meticulously weigh the technical implications of my decisions where needed.

My core value as an individual is excellence and this will guide my decision as a Delegate. I will do my best to make sure my decisions are for the absolute good of StarkNet.

As a Software Engineer, I have good experience in Web2 with proficiency in Python, go, js and so on. I am also highly knowledgeable about Blockchain in general and I have also put out a lot of content about it.

A Delegator should choose me if they are looking for someone who has the best interest of StarkNet at heart.

Conflicts of Interest

I don’t have any Conflicts of Interest but will state if any come up during the duration of the delegation.

Requests for Delegators?

Feel free to DM me if you have any requests or questions.

Thanks a lot.




  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: Decodefi.bit (0xc0F255c7Bdc89c97BaBD8096Cd6cE247e553EBA5)
  • StarkNet address: Decodefi.stark
  • Twitter handle (optional): @decodeficrypto
  • Any relevant links/Websites (optional):

Hi everyone, my name is Decodefi and I am a crypto content creator and defi enthusiast. My main goal as a market participant is to explore and educate, leveraging my experience in DeFi across multiple EVM and non-EVM chains in order to help people better understand how to navigate the crypto space.

My crypto ethos is built around four main components:

  1. Verifiability: code is law.

  2. Reputation: in an often anonymous space, my interest in delegation brings a human element and I propose to actively participate in governance for the best interst of Starknet users

  3. Decentralisation: a core foundation of the crypto ethos that is often forgotten. A critical feature of any successful blockchain on a longer timeframe

  4. Security: how can we protect new users from the security risks present in blockchain today and enable mass adoption of these incredible technological advancements

I see a number of these values being placed front and centre by Starknet, which is one of the main reasons I feel passionate to put myself forward as a potential Delegate. With crypto being such a nascent industry, it’s important to elect Delegates who are able to discern which proposals are in the best interest of the network and it’s users, this includes both short term and long term effects.

There are examples of network governance that can provide a blueprint on how governance can succeed and even help a network thrive. This can act as a guidpost for Starknet to build on and create an even more engaged and thriving ecosystem.

If elected, I will be available to my delegators to openly and transparently evaluate the merits of each prpoposal and its effects on the ecosystem. These discussions wil be open to all Starknet delegators. I am reachable via all my socials (Twitter, YouTube, Gmail etc.) and will also open a Discord group for detailed discussions amongst a larger group of delegators.

Conflicts of Interest

None: While I have created YouTube content about Starknet and some of the projects currently building valuable products for users, I have not taken any sponsorship for this. If this changes in the future, I will provide full details of any sponsorships or grants etc. I believe this will be important in order to uphold my reputation as a Delegate.

Requests for Delegators?

If you have any questions about my Delegate Profile, feel free to message me on Twitter (@decodeficrypto), on YouTube (/@decodefi) or via email (

I believe Governance is an important but complicated issue when it comes to blockchains and the quest for decentralisation. I will endeavour to service my delegators and the Starknet community to the best of my ability.

Thanks for your consideration.

  1. godtest Delegate Profile
    ENS: xhero.eth
    Twitter: @godtest5

  2. Please provide your past experience and contributions to the StarkNet ecosystem:
    I have been an active member of the blockchain and NFT community for several years and have a deep understanding of the technology. I have participated in project testing, interacted with cross-chain and swap and NFT casting, and conducted multiple interactions between the test network and the main network. I have also completed 10 in-depth tasks in Alchemy University and have been officially awarded an Alchemy PASS card. Additionally, I am an important early participant of Galxe, having participated in hundreds of different project interactions, and I already have hundreds of NFT activity certificates. In addition, I continue to track hundreds of high-quality projects and read a lot of information from well-known big V’s every day to know what changes are going on in the blockchain.

  3. Why do you want to be a delegate? How do you plan to fulfill this role?
    I want to be a delegate because I support the goals of building a decentralized, sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders. As a member of the governance team, I hope to contribute to the growth and development of the network through active participation in discussions and decision-making, promoting transparency and accountability, and educating the community about StarkNet and its values. I also want to help create a supportive, informed community where there is no room for unethical behavior such as seedings, shillings, and where we are not just a group of investors and degens, but also a community of builders and developers.
    To fulfill this role, I plan to use my experience and knowledge in the blockchain and NFT space to select good ecological projects for community users, reject deceitful and immoral projects, and establish good cooperative relations with more high-quality builders or project parties for the sustainable and better construction of the ecology

  4. Please list and explain the core values that will guide your decision-making:
    My core values that will guide my decision-making are Fairness, Transparency, and Respect. I believe in fairness and equity in decision-making and will prioritize decisions that support these values. Transparency is essential for building trust and accountability within the community, and I will prioritize decisions that promote transparency in governance and decision-making. Sustainability is crucial for the long-term success of the StarkNet network, and I will prioritize decisions that support the sustainability of the network. Security is of the utmost importance and I will prioritize decisions that enhance the security of the network. Education is crucial for the growth and development of the StarkNet ecosystem, and I will prioritize decisions that support education and knowledge-sharing within the community.

  5. Please provide your past experience in DAO governance:
    I have past experience in participating in DAO governance as an active member of multiple projects. I have participated in community forums and discussions, written articles or blog posts about the project, and organized meetups or events. I have also been involved in decision-making processes and have a good understanding of the principles and values that guide DAOs.

  6. Please provide your skills and areas of expertise:
    I have a strong background and experience in the blockchain and NFT space. I have a deep understanding of the technology and how it works. I am knowledgeable in Python, and have completed 10 in-depth tasks in Alchemy University, and got 10 tasks of NFT. I also have a good understanding of DeFi, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. I am dedicated to staying current in these rapidly evolving industries by learning about new trends and technologies, and participating in educational programs and events. Additionally, I have a strong background in creating and curating digital content, including writing blog posts, creating social media posts, designing infographics, and producing video content.

  7. Why should someone delegate to you? Anything token-holders should know about you?
    As a passionate and committed member of the StarkNet community, I have a proven track record of contributions to the ecosystem and a deep understanding of the principles and values that guide the network. I am willing to take on the responsibilities of a delegate and are committed to fostering transparency, accountability, and engagement with the community. I am also open to diverse perspectives and are dedicated to educating and sharing knowledge with fellow users. In my decision-making, I will prioritize these values and work towards the growth and development of the StarkNet network. I am also a community builder, I can help the community grow, educate, and support the community in various。

  8. Conflicts of Interest
    i take part actively in the governance of other well known projects。

  9. Requests for Delegators?
    Feel free to DM me on Discord if you have any requests or questions.

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Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xBe6aA55B628e63DD0b05Ee8CD383E10f32c0F321
ENS name: mempoolsurfer.eth
Twitter handle: @mempoolsurfer

Hello! I am Jorik Schellekens - head of StarkNet technology at Nethermind. I have a keen interest in the core architecture of StarkNet and all of the solutions surrounding it in the ecosystem, which is why I’m excited to be considered as a delegate. Besides, I love the tech.

I actively participate in conversations about the architecture of StarkNet as a result of my experiences working on Warp, a Solidity to Cairo compiler,, a block explorer, and Juno, a full node implementation. These technologies have touched nearly every part of StarkNet and have given me a strong understanding of its design and problem space.

I have a strong connection with the StarkWare development and product teams with whom we collaborate and discuss daily. I regularly communicate with wallets, dapps, buidlers, students, and DAOs across the ecosystem. I’ve also worked inter-ecosystem with BGD labs in the AAVE community, the Uniswap foundation, and ENS on StarkNet adoption.

My main focus is on the network’s decentralization on the human and technical levels (they’re the same). I value transparency, and I will be an active member of the forum, where I will prioritize security and decentralization.

While I’ll primarily rely on my technical knowledge to make decisions, my interest in StarkNet governance goes far beyond this. I want to see the network grow as a community of diverse interests and ideas.

Conflicts of interest

I am an employee at Nethermind. As a delegate, I do not represent Nethermind. I will focus only on the growth of the ecosystem and the sustainable development of its secure tech. I see Nethermind’s and StarkNet’s goals as aligned: the decentralization and security of the network. In instances where Nethermind stands to gain directly from a proposal, I will abstain. In these cases, I will publicly state as such on the forum, and the Token Holders may choose to delegate elsewhere.



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0xe726C5D34a35C596f0aacF0263B5D0609b051a94]
  • Twitter handle: [@avil25750317]

Hello Everyone,

I am a System Analyst and I’ve been a member of Starknet community for nearly a year now.

Being a delegate requires a combination of technical expertise, communication skills, and a deep understanding of Starknet’s goals. One of the most important responsibilities is to cast votes on proposals in a way that aligns with the best interests of delegators and the community as a whole. I am confident I am fit for the role and will actively participate in discussions to better understand the concerns of our community.

The core values that I place above all others in all my decision making are Decentralisation, Transparency and Security. I still believe in the future of defi, will make sure we don’t deviate from this course and I see StarkNet a major scaling platform of Ethereum and web3 economy.

There is no conflict of interest in my participation as delegate and I shall inform the community at first minute should the conflict arises.

Thank you for your consideration.



  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0xad8eE23a1B1AE315B3baE58BEE3E30Ae783d3378]
  • Twitter handle (optional): [@hudson_hailee]


I am working in wealth management area and have in the cryptomarket for a while now. I was a trader but now I’m getting more and more into the blockchain tech.


What makes Ethereum more attractive over other blockchain platforms is that Ethereum is more than just a digital currency; Smart contracts, DApps, Initial Coin Offerings, the potential is boundless. StarkNet can be used to enable privacy-preserving transactions and also in other areas such as digital rights management, secure multi-party computation, and more. Starknet is going to be a major scaling solution of the blockchain, making it more efficient while maintaining the security and transparency of the network. And I, wish to be a part of that.


It is decentralisation we are talking about, therefore, we need more people for it to work and not just a select few. Asking questions, answering questions, discussions, sharing knowledge, participation in the community is a must for a Delegate.

In addition, I will continue to keep track of the latest news, trends, and developments of the market. Keeping up-to-date to changes and conducting research were necessary.


The core values I value the most in decision making are Inclusivity, Transparency and Security.

Inclusivity of a diverse range of users to access and interact with the blockchain in a secure and efficient manner. Transparency for all stake holders in the ecosystem to view and verify the state of blockchain and its transactions. Security, maintains privacy while being transparent, allowing transactions to be verified without showing all details, is essential.

I will be making decisions with the future prospect and long-term growth in mind.

There is no conflict of interest as far as I know, and thank you for your time.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xCbD6FeB965fC7655952286A0EC8eC65D2E4caDac
Twitter handle: @AdrielYates

Please provide your past experience and contributions to the StarkNet ecosystem.

I have participated in testing StarkNet ecosystem in its early stages.

Why do you want to be a delegate? How do you plan to fulfill this role?

A Delegate is able to actively participate and directly contribute for the betterment of StarkNet. I will actively engage in discussions with the community, answer questions, and vote on proposals that maximise the benefits of the entire ecosystem.

Please list and explain the core values that will guide your decision-making.

Transparency: Decisions made in a way that is open and clear
Fairness: Impartial and not influenced by personal biases or conflicts of interest
Accountability: Those involved in making decisions should be held accountable for the outcome of their decisions
Inclusivity: Decision-making should involve input and participation from all stakeholders, including those who may be marginalized or underrepresented
Sustainability: Decision should be made considering their impact on the ecosystem and the future

Please provide your skills and areas of expertise.

My Analytical skills, Strategic Thinking and Risk Management skills are developed through years working in the banking field.

Why should someone delegate to you? Anything token-holders should know about you?

I believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies to disrupt traditional financial systems and create new opportunities for decentralized, peer-to-peer transactions. I actively follow market trends and news related to the industry and also active in online communities and forums discussing the latest developments in the crypto space.

Please provide any potential conflicts of interest with your participation in StarkNet governance as a delegate.

None at the moment.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x183cf0bA36F68D0C0972C1c56f2E5ca1f6e57eBF
  • ENS name: blocklanddao.eth
  • StarkNet address: 0x07241e14A188fA7A565D078E9E42bc7238342a84b4D1356Ba33B0cC69Db5f82c
  • Twitter: @BlockLandDAO
  • Discord:


BlockLand DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that aims to bring together a community of individuals who are passionate about blockchain and crypto industry in Turkey. Led by Tobby Kitty, we have been active for more than 2 years, with a community of over 6,000 engaged members. Our goal is to help each other, participate in various events, and become proficient in blockchain and cryptocurrency in Turkey.


BlockLand DAO is one of the most active and high-quality DAOs in Turkey. Our community is made up of individuals from all walks of life, who are united in their passion for blockchain and cryptocurrency. We have a strong focus on education and community building, and we are constantly seeking new ways to improve our understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency. We are proud to have a diverse group of community members, including developers, investors, and enthusiasts, who come together to share their knowledge and experience. Additionally, teams from projects such as Fibrous Finance, mosoGallery, and StarkRock have emerged from our DAO.

Our Motivation to Become a Delegate for StarkNet

We believe that StarkNet has great potential Validity Rollup, and we want to become a part of its ecosystem. As a delegate, we can represent the voice of our community and make informed decisions on its behalf. We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the development and success of StarkNet, and we believe that our community has the skills and expertise to make a positive impact. Additionally, we anticipate that BlockLand DAO will also be a cadidate for future decentralization of StarkNet as a block proposer.

Core Values

Decentralization is at the heart of our organization. We believe in the power of the community to make informed decisions and we will always act in the best interests of the StarkNet ecosystem. Additionally, we will provide research reports and spark useful discussions within our community to ensure that voting is as accurate and sound as possible. Our community members are encouraged to participate in discussions, ask questions, and share their thoughts and ideas to help make the best decisions for the future of StarkNet.

Requests for Delegators

We welcome any requests or questions from delegators. Please feel free to reach out to us through DM or Discord, and we will respond as soon as possible. We are committed to transparency and open communication with our delegators, and we will keep them informed of any developments or updates related to our delegation.

Conflicts of Interest

BlockLand DAO has no conflicts of interest. We only have partnerships with projects, which we transparently share with our community. We are committed to acting in the best interests of StarkNet and our delegators, and we will not engage in any activities that may compromise our integrity or the trust of our community.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0x7bcE85ea00A282063eb36544F5af5CD2C3ed8994]

Hello Starknet, I am Liam. I’ve been in the crypto world since 2019 I understand the importance of a good L2 scaling platform and I believe Starknet is one of them. Only with a good L2 scaling platform our P2P derivative markets can improve its scalability and performance as well as the whole ecosystem. We’ve suffered so much setbacks in the last couple years the confidence can only be restored with a higher level of security. I do think STARKS’s post-quantum secure makes it head above its competitors and it is why I hope I can be a part of its future.

As for my core values in decision making, it would be Creativity and Security. What is web3 without creativity and for it to sustain in the long-term we need it to be secure!

To fulfil the role, I will actively participate in the discussion forum, create and translate content if needed, answering questions of new members. My understanding of blockchain networks and the consensus models and years of experience in stock-trading and cryptocurrencies are the things I can offer to help.

I have no conflicts of interest at the moment, and if any arise during delegation, I will declare them. Thanks for your time.


Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x25f28AFB1c6eed84c05272f3Dced8023F1C58830
ENS: swp0x0.eth
Twitter: @swp0x0

Heya! I am Swapnil Raj, the technical lead for the StarkNet group at Nethermind. I have been working on tooling and solutions for StarkNet for more than a year, and I have led the development of Warp - Solidity to Cairo transpiler, Voyager, the first block explorer for StarkNet, Juno - decentralization client, Aave aTokens bridge for StarkNet and UniStark - Uniswap transpiled to Cairo.
I have spoken about STARK proofs and StarkNet tooling at various Ethereum conferences and StarkNetCC. I am constantly talking to protocol specialists, researchers, wallet providers and builders, learning and contributing to as many parts of the network as I can!
Within the blockchain ecosystem, my specific interests include language design, cryptography and consensus.

I enjoy keeping up with and participating in the novel work within the StarkNet community, so I want to partake in the decision-making on the cutting edge of this field. My work has touched all parts of the network and has led me to become familiar with active problems - decentralization, gas metering, for instance - so I can make well-informed decisions about future votes for StarkNet. The current priority for StarkNet is decentralization, and I am participating in it through my work on Juno. Once that goal is reached, the next frontier will be seeing how StarkNet fits into the modular blockchain space. I have already involved myself in discussions surrounding Data Availability and mapping out how StarkNet integrates with custom DA solutions. This is the kind of innovative thinking I plan to bring to my role as a delegate.

While I am a technologist and love the challenges of our space, I believe that StarkNet’s value resides beyond its technological innovations. Therefore my decisions will be motivated by the ideals of decentralization, transparency and accessibility.
My work with Juno has been driven by my desire to decentralize StarkNet; this will be reflected in my decision-making. I will ensure the transparency of my work towards StarkNet by consistently engaging in public forums and clearly setting out my reasoning to involve everyone. I also value access and will take the opportunity to make technical aspects approachable to all community members. In fact, I am working with interns at Nethermind to make educational tooling around polynomial commitments.

I want to help grow StarkNet into being the leading rollup and bring permissionless access to everyone. You can be confident that my vote on each matter will always be guided by the decentralization and permissionless ethos.

Conflicts of Interest:
I am an employee at Nethermind. As a delegate, I do not represent Nethermind. I will focus only on the growth of the ecosystem and the sustainable development of its secure tech. I see Nethermind’s and StarkNet’s goals as aligned: the decentralization and security of the network. In instances where Nethermind stands to gain directly from a proposal, I will abstain. In these cases, I will publicly state as such on the forum, and the Token Holders may choose to delegate elsewhere.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xe0C9f27804A5aBBecfE3D2b54F8bf673a70b17f9
  • StarkNet address: 0x0042a6A8308D7B9c375cF470c3369C12f8f28cf89eDa9431bF57158b42e7a542
  • ENS name : 2080ti.eth
  • Twitter handle: @RupertDuBois3

Hello everyone, I am Chen from China. I am very interested in the construction of l2 ecology and the expansion plan of Ethereum. I hope to become a representative to participate in the governance of starknet
I am a programmer, good at solidily language development, participated in projects such as optimism
I really hope to be a representative to participate in this feast of web3

  • Mainnet: 0xc0ad5d21fF19A4E85b016BfD53cED8842995C151
  • StarkNet: 0x0170d82af410c59d20e554aced892dc9aab4c27aa731c3344d5986f5069c6fa4
  • ENS: degen24.eth
  • Twitter: @1971usd

a Web3 Enthusiast:

  • Passionate about decentralized technologies and their potential to shape the future of the internet
  • Strong understanding of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3 protocols
  • Follows industry news and developments closely
  • Involved in various Web3 communities and regularly contributes to discussions
  • Experienced in developing decentralized applications
  • Believes in the power of Web3 to create a fairer and more equitable online world
  • Strives to educate others about the benefits of Web3 and its impact on society.

Let’s step forward into the Web3.

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  • Address: 0x2CFb5196c2c7Af0d9Dd15D885F55597C6a925114
  • ENS: mrjjmc.eth
  • Twitter: @Caneleo55


Hello everyone! i’m Caneleo and i am a Web 3 Researcher and Content creator. I Update my Followers with the Governance statuses of Protocols such as: starknet,arbitrum & much more .
I also monitor and analyze on the blockchain to Protect my followers from bad actors.

I would like to become a Delegate so i can make decision in behalf of my followers who share the same view as me .

This would be the first time for me to vote on behalf of others to vote for our vision on starknet and shape it the way we would like to see it .

About me i am 21 years old the first time i came in touch with crypto was 2015 when i was arround 15/16 i loved the easy use and the ownership of crypto currency . i also enjoy analyzing on the blockchain such as viewing contracts transactions etc.

I would be making votes and would interact with my followers so we can decide on what to vote together .

Thanks for your attention and sorry for my language im trying my best since it isnt my native language .


Fin4DAO - Delegate Profile


Address: 0x1AEC250C13b1214C4B9935Db3C8a7610fdAaE8dD
ENS: Fin4dao.eth
Twitter: @Fin4DAO

Hi, I’m a DAO buidler with extensive history of working in DAOs and I know how tricky a voting process can be.
From the agenda setting, to provided info in the specific snapshot, to voting options, voting engagement incentives and execution a whole lot can go wrong.

I’m here to help make the governance of our beloved -and soon to be globally established- Starknet solution as efficient and smooth as possible.

Conflicts of Interest
I’m a regular buyer and holder of all kinds of coins and tokens. I don’t think there is any incentive created to misbehave though.

Requests for Delegators?
If you have questions, send me a DM on Twitter, appreciate your interest!

Address: 0x10d2905B301064087d777Fd45215c05A0181FBE1

Twitter @crypto_j_k_

Hello ! My name is Naflan, I’m from Sri Lanka, I am contributor and tester on various blockchains and different projects. Deeply tested all L2 solutions. Also tested a lot of platforms on Starknet both on testnet and mainnet. OG and early user of project and bunch of other projects on Starknet. Very excited to be among voters :heart_eyes:

  • Address: 0x7121e94bB6850B60BFBB9d8eC6dEF634d43F33AC
  • Starknet: 0x066146a7433C0C258029e436EfC3b63CD8b2bc461709b1b7F1678710C51BF433
  • Twitter: lordofafew


I have been developing on StarkNet since before there were timestamps! Together with the other contributors at Bibliotheca DAO (Realms) we are developing an on-chain ecosystem of games.

We started our Journey in November of 2021 and have been on the bleeding edge of the development since then. We were one of the first teams to develop our own indexer for StarkNet and our repo speaks for itself - GitHub - BibliothecaDAO/realms-contracts: Realms Monorepo for Ethereum contracts and Starknet contracts.. It contains an AMM, A Complex Strategy Game, NFT Marketplace, and many other patterns we have developed. All this code will be translated to Cairo 1 shortly.

I was the winner of the first-ever StarkNet hackathon in Amsterdam along with my teammates from Briq, Realms, and topology. We developed a session key POC to allow faster transactions in applications.

I have spoken on numerous panels around L2s, scaling, and games in the past 12 months including panels at StarkNet events.

My development background is building full-stack applications, from DevOps to the design of the client, and I have been doing this for almost 8 years. I have a deep understanding of technology from the bits to the bigger picture. I also have commercial experience as a C-suite executive at a company I founded.

My DAO experience comes from my time building and contributing to Bibliotheca DAO.

Why should you delegate to me?

I believe blockchains are generational unlock technology analogous to the Guttenberg press. They remove the need for a trusted third party. This is the innovation. If we sway from this purpose then we have failed. This is why I am building in this space.

More reading - (Ethereum's broadband moment — 🍞)

My mission as a delegate is to make StarkNet resilient and sufficiently decentralized, unable to be tampered with by bad actors and nation-states. Along with this, I will push it in a product-focused direction to help onboard the next generation of StarkNet users. I believe this will come from recursive app-specific L3s and this is where I am spending most of my time.

Delegate to me if you believe the same…

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0xF0F5c62831d8E12E3E0bEa77c94861BFd587980e]
  • StarkNet address: [0x066110EddeE1042e8905Cd7d0A739F3E8165A19CAf2ef3Cd3a5a08393e3fA385] (optional)
  • Twitter handle : [@5X7X9]
  • DC:alicemeie#6125
  • youtube :

My reasons for wanting to be a delegate:I am a long-term blockchain evangelist, and I am committed to the original intention of blockchain to change the world and change life. And has been actively carrying out unremitting promotion and evangelism on the front line. And never stopped tracking and learning about the blockchain. Since Ethereum scaled into L2, I have become more bullish on the blockchain, and it feels like the dawn is ahead.
Before that, I also had a lot of personal experience with DAO, and participated in the DAO governance of many projects many times. However, there are still many different opinions about the current practice of many DAOs that simply determine everything by the number of people. I also hope that STARK can walk out of a different DAO model than before.

Experience in DAO governance: Very good at raising topics and guiding community members to actively participate in discussions and draw conclusions. After the community makes relevant conclusions, it will make greater publicity and promotion in relevant media. Once the community makes some proposals that are fair, more beneficial to the development of the project and even promote the development of the industry, I will spare no effort to do various publicity work.

My web3 qualifications / skills:I have been involved in blockchain evangelism for a long time, and I have a personal experience of the development and evolution of blockchain over the past 10 years. Familiar with related tools and platforms used by blockchain. And there is a lot of understanding of the shortcomings of many tools. They have very comprehensive practice and cognition through such as youtube twitter discord reddit facebook and so on.
I also know very well what kind of guidance needs to be given to the community at different stages of the project. This work is very important for the development of a project.
What voters can expect of me:Why do many people choose me as a representative? First of all, I have been a representative in other projects before. There are a group of people who trust me very much, and I am worthy of their trust. In addition, my youtube channel itself has a stable fan base. And I also firmly believe that STARK is worthy of more people’s belief and following. I will firmly promote STARK’s technical advantages and community management concepts.

Potential conflicts of interest: To be honest, there is no conflict of interest for me.

For Delegators:You can contact me at any time, through DC or email(

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x59F54c1f86e8A5b78cDC4bAec5A2058a9eDa7a03

StarkNet address: 0x019E570aA16a7a8f87d93271a1D1D17264C63B65F1a2e0FD8a5Da16f1e41eC06

ENS name : atrox.eth
Twitter handle: @m_ahta_b

  • I have better experience in blockchain, working since 2017, worked with utopian, producthunt,nomadtask, also contributed many project.
    I also used starkware product dydx.also joined the dao, to make or change in Project.

*I want to be a delegator to make major change and improve the ecosystem and chain improvement,
Also StarkNet focuses on providing permissionless decentralized scalability to dApps. I want to support the future of zk-rollup and their role in allowing dApps to scale without compromising Ethereum’s composability or security. With reliable governance, StarkNet will be able to grow safely and sustainably.

*I participate in every governance process, from presenting proposals, giving feedback on forums and active voting dao.

*I acts as a delegator for Aave, Balancer, Optimism, Jet, Hop,arbitrum,across,dydx,stg.

*i have enough background knowledge about dao and blockchain ecosystem how to improve the product, how to conceal to make it more stable to make in decision.