Opening a Korean Community

South Korea is one of the most invested and passionate countries in the blockchain industry in Asia. In fact, the number of users on Korean exchanges in the KRW market alone is over 13.4 million, and the number of users who have completed the rigorous Korean real-name authentication process is around 5.58 million. With a population of approximately 51.7 million, this means that over 10% of the entire population holds a personal cryptocurrency account, making South Korea a significant market.

Furthermore, South Korea is also a powerhouse in the IT industry and one of the countries where advertising through social media platforms such as SNS and Youtube is actively propagated. In fact, if the potential of a particular project is well publicized, interest in the project spreads very quickly and advertising follows suit.

However, the biggest obstacle in South Korea is the language barrier. Due to this, only a small group of people with excellent language skills and a deep understanding of blockchain recognize the potential of projects such as StarkNet.

This situation is regrettable, and I believe that a space for sharing, exchanging, and providing feedback on information about promising projects with many South Koreans is needed.



I really agree with that! I also want more Koreans to have a more heated discussion about Starknet.


First of all, thank you for your offer.
I think m not quite suitable to open multilingual modules in the community forum at the moment, because we are still in the very early stage, and making English as the unified official language of the forum is good for everyone’s full communication.
As for the issue of popularizing the Korean market, I think we can popularize StarkNet to the Korean people through measures such as Twitter accounts, youtube accounts, etc. for the Korean speaking community. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


That’s too bad. I’m Korean, so I’ll study English harder.

(Google Translate Help!)


I don’t think it’s necessary to open it now, let’s wait until there are more people in the community. And if someone needs to have discussions in a single language, they can go to Discord.


That is true and want to learn more about South Korea community

I don’t think it’s necessary to open it now, let’s wait until there are more people in the community. And if someone needs to have discussions in a single language, they can go to Discord.

I have several suggestions for this problem:
I think we can use deepl as a tool for translation;
Ask Korean volunteers to answer questions in the community.

I live in Korea as an expat (can’t speak Korean at all).

I have been living here for the past 4 years and i can confirm that there is only a very specific group of Koreans that are open enough to meet expats. And this group is rather small.

However (!), the web3 community is different. Many Koreans who are also web3 enthusiasts are much more open. That being said, I think that there is great potential to create many a Starknet meetup here in Seoul.

I have many friends and community leaders who are ambassdaors of polygon, solana, 1inch, bankless and other networks who would definitely join this meetup.

Is anyone also in Seoul? Interested in a small 8-10 people meetup in person? :blush:

Pls contact me on tg, Ill organize something! TG: @maxzhgx

I’m Korean, but I don’t think there’s a need for a Korean community, and I think having multiple country-specific communities would make it easier for people from those countries to access the Starknet community, but it would be more decentralized than if there was only an English community.

A post has also suggested setting up a dedicated Chinese forum community, and you suggest setting up a Korean community for the same reason But creating more voice communities can lead to community fragmentation, as the number of people in the community is already small
If there are many people in the community, this would be a good idea

Hello, I think it can be interesting, but first, before creating communities, there should be a proper framework for the development of communities and sending reports and financial contributions… this will help the development of communities.
First, we can focus on international communities and then branch out into regional groups or start before the list, which helps with marketing. :white_check_mark:

There are too few people in the community now, and it’s actually possible to communicate using Google Translator, so there’s no need to create a forum community specifically for a specific language