Proposal to create a dedicated forum section for Chinese users

Hello everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, our community has recently seen a significant increase in Chinese users. While we welcome this growth, we believe that it would be beneficial to create a dedicated forum section for Chinese users to better serve their needs.

By creating a separate forum section for Chinese users, we can provide a space for discussions to be held in their native language. This can help to foster a sense of community and inclusivity among Chinese users, which is important for the growth of our forum.

Furthermore, China has a rapidly growing blockchain industry, and Chinese users are playing an increasingly important role in the development of blockchain technology worldwide. By providing a dedicated space for Chinese users on our forum, we can better engage with this important and growing community.

We would like to propose that our forum moderators consider creating a new section specifically for Chinese users. This new section would allow Chinese users to connect and share information with other Chinese speakers, and would help to enhance their experience on the forum.

What are your thoughts on this proposal? Do you agree that creating a separate forum section for Chinese users would be beneficial? Are there any potential downsides or concerns that we should be aware of?

We welcome your feedback and look forward to discussing this proposal further.

Thank you. :handshake:


Stark community should be open and transparent, with all members communicating in the same language, otherwise there will be many small groups, which is not conducive to the development of Stark community.


THX for sharing thoughts with me,maybe you are right.
But,as I know,Most of Chinese don’t have the ability of communicating with English.
Maybe you should check the info on discord community of Starknet between the English and Chinese group,and then you will find what I am talking about.


I tried using Chinese, but the administrator reminded me that I cannot use Chinese.

Please refer to the Forum Guidelines before using it

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English is the official language of this forum
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If there are Chinese forums, there must be forums in other languages and countries as well. Therefore, regional forums should not be open only to people from a specific country. Instead, Chinese people or individuals from any other country should learn English. :grinning:


My opinion is that the community should still initially discuss in English as the only language to facilitate efficient community discussions.
Perhaps when there are more members, we can consider opening a language board.


agreed,Different languages and cultures can lead to the formation of separate groups. StarkNet needs a unified community and culture, working together to make StarkNet better. :dancing_women: :dancing_men:


Nowadays, translation software is very advanced and language is not a difficult problem to solve


Can do an automatic translation, so that it can be suitable for many players


I am a Chinese user, I think page translation can also be used, but it is also a good suggestion to open the Chinese section


There are several reasons why creating a Chinese subforum may not be necessary. Firstly, there are already many Chinese users who are active on the existing English forum, indicating that language barriers are not a significant issue. Secondly, creating a separate subforum may lead to fragmentation of the community and hinder cross-cultural communication and understanding. Lastly, it may require additional resources and moderation to maintain a separate subforum, which may not be feasible for the platform at this time. Overall, while accommodating Chinese users is important, creating a separate subforum may not be the best solution.


Generally I agree with your proposal.
And I have written my opinion in another topic in Chinese language.
论关于创建中文分区的必要性!!!!! by @_sir

Wishing you all the success in increasing the diversity of the community and bringing in fresh ideas and people.


Not every user knows English. If we can provide a platform for people to communicate in their native language, I think it will be more conducive to the development and growth of our community. Thank you

I totally agree with this point of view. Various languages will split communities and close information, and more resources are needed to manage various partitions.

I think everyone needs to learn English by themselves because the blockchain is an English-themed project, and many people communicate in English

I think there can be a language option, so that there is no need to open a language section to increase business volume

I think with the help of translation tool and something like chatgpt, language won’t be a big problem for most time. When involved some important topic,i suggest to add a translate funtion with the original context. Community member can help translate it to other language,more than chinese.So that all people can read and discuss at the same page.

I don’t think it’s really necessary.
Because as some users already mentioned before, If there will be dedicated forum for Chinese community, other communities will request the same thing…

Aside, Ru speaking community is the same big as Chinese. There’re bunch of RU speaking members all around the world. So creating many forum will be the begging of the big mess :sweat_smile:

There are too many people in China, and the important thing is that their English is generally poor.

Well , actually it depends on how important you think the Chinese market is. If you wanna more Chinese users and developers use and develop starknet, a dedicated section will definitely help.China is the most important market, HK will be the next Web3 centre. It worths to creat a sub-section for ppl speak different languages. But just like what I said, it depands on what you guys think the Chinese market will be

English is the official language, allowing everyone to communicate in the same language is of course very beneficial to the development of the community, but I have to admit that many Chinese speakers do not have good English expression skills, so I think the official can develop Chinese and other language sections , as long as the official language is finally presented to everyone, there is no problem.