[PROPOSAL] [VOTE ON POLL] Using testnet as multiplier too with mainnet interactions

Including multiplier can resolve most of the problems.


My opinion is, we can use testnet as a multiplier, but we should give testnet a more strict rule to find out the real users and filter out the fake users, for example, a longer peroid to take part in the testnet actively.


Testnet is not a must, but can be a multiplier.


If starknet will provide tokens to more community than filtering those token will eventually come back to protocol creating more interaction and opportunities. Usually protocol doesnt get much interaction after airdrop because of selectively strict drops. bad actors gonna play cleverly anyways and usally protocol are filtering out potential real users because real users only interact when they wanna use protocol.


May attract junk users: Dropping testnet tokens may attract some junk users who are only interested in obtaining free tokens and are not genuinely interested in the project.

What’s your opinion ?


I just want to try something new, and the testnet just gave me the opportunity


You were unable to grasp. Your writing is without merit.


Mainnet data as base, testnet as multiplication. Multiplication without cardinality is 0


Different multipliers can be given according to the user’s activity, duration, quality and other factors on the test network, and the user’s performance and contribution on the main network should also be considered. This rewards true early adopters more fairly and also promotes the development of StarkNet.


Using testnet as multiplier is a plus in my opinion, in this case, there can be more wide condition/criteria feasible as multiplier


While I acknowledge the contributions of testnet users and developers, airdropping to testnet wallets may not be efficient since many individuals utilize burner wallets to interact with the testnet.

Yes, I think testnet users should have corresponding airdrop incentives, so that a large number of users can be retained and the market active at the same time, just like apt

As I expressed my opinion in the following subject:

Testnet users divide into 2 types.

  • The first type uses the testnet with exciment and gives lots of feedback, and trys to make things better.
  • The second type does not use the testnet with excitement and place some swaps and bridges as a robot, and does not give feed bak and moves on to another testnet for hunting airdrops.

It is not that hard to differ these 2 types from each other. Check the feedbacks.

If there are feedbacks with time spent on them, multiply the reward with a constant such as 1,2x.

It is reasonable to be a multiplier, as the use of the mainnet is fundamental, and the testnet, serving as a factor with additional rewarding properties, is also reasonable.

Testnet is only for the purpose of testing.

Are you able to gather participant data based on the addresses? How many projects they participated in during testnet and mainnet. Added with the DAO and git Coin etc

I agree. Even though, participating in testnet can be used to identify early users but it should only be used as a multiplier, not the main criteria for the airdrop qualification. The qualification should focus on mainnet, especially on the frequency and consistently of the usage.

I disagree. If testnet is incentivized it will be filled with bot activity and we won’t be able to properly test new apps before deployment on mainnet.

I think testnet activities should definetly be incentivised but to a lesser degree than mainnet activities. Perhaps as a multiplier of 1.10 - 1,25 x mainnet points. So if I recieve 1000 points/tokens for my mainnet activities and 1,25 is the multiplier, then it would be 1000 x 1,25 = 1125 points/tokens. Perhaps testnet activities/multipliers could be categorized in 3 levels, for example 1,10 / 1,25 and 1,50. Ofcourse based on level of interactions, interaction times (months) and number of protocols interacted with.

Nice Poll! I really enjoyed it