[PROPOSAL] [VOTE ON POLL] Using testnet as multiplier too with mainnet interactions

I disagree. If testnet is incentivized it will be filled with bot activity and we won’t be able to properly test new apps before deployment on mainnet.

I think testnet activities should definetly be incentivised but to a lesser degree than mainnet activities. Perhaps as a multiplier of 1.10 - 1,25 x mainnet points. So if I recieve 1000 points/tokens for my mainnet activities and 1,25 is the multiplier, then it would be 1000 x 1,25 = 1125 points/tokens. Perhaps testnet activities/multipliers could be categorized in 3 levels, for example 1,10 / 1,25 and 1,50. Ofcourse based on level of interactions, interaction times (months) and number of protocols interacted with.

Nice Poll! I really enjoyed it