Airdrop Time Proposal

Since there are currently quite a few DAPPs available on mainnet, it would be better to wait until Q4 2023. At that time, mainnet should be more stable and have more DAPPs available so when airdrop is released it can bring more users and TVL to the ecosystem.

Agree ah, no need to be rushed, better Q4 or even Q1 in 2024. There’s more and more dapp on boarding to mainnet or testnet, we need more ecosystem then airdrop will be more meaningful. If there’s airdrop, then we need to utilize the opportunity to seize as many new users

Can’t wait to see it. I think maybe in Q4 of 2023 and maybe Q1 in 2024. It takes time to build projetc s and community with governance should come when the ecosystem is ready.

I can’t wait already. I hope this happens before 2024. But there is still a lot of things that need to be finalized and developed by the ecosystem. It takes time :wink:

The project has been going on for over a year now, do you still want to lag behind ARB and OP? Even L0 is about to catch up. If you really like STARK, you should have started trying it a year ago, but you’re just airdropping and want to delay the snapshot time!!! A group of speculators!!

i definitely agree with the thought process behind this, however the downside is allowing time to pass to filter out non-genuine users would also provide more time for additional non-genuine users to join

I think it can be tested with any transaction made on any network. Therefore, the number of transactions and continuity should be a criterion.

The longer it’s late, the worse it will affect the project.
Many promising projects are in preparation
I think you have to come out first and settle in the market now.

The airdrop problem, I think it should be considered when the network is not congested… Now I am more interested in when the transaction delay and TPS can be solved. I hope that the next starknet v0.12 version can solve the transaction speed and TPS question.

It is good that very old interactions are taken into account for a possible “multiplier”, but it is true that a snapshot cannot be taken yet, it must be as fair as possible, also you can/should reward off-chain activities, such as administrators and people who help the expansion of STARNET through social networks (as long as their contribution is significant and verifiable)

I trust the team as they know the progress better. If there will be an airdrop it should take place when network is ready for mass adoption.

Especially the massive adoption since the waiting time for confirmation of transactions is very high compared to other networks. Also the creation of innovative projects encourages earlyadopters

To me, starknet isn’t ready for an airdrop now. Alot of things has to be put in place, like speed and number of active Dapps, we shouldn’t be in a haste. Also, we definitely need to unboard new users, the community needs users