Delegate Profile Thread

  • ETH Address: 0x2329DeE099a3D541487a641ed9DC15c6cC70b033
  • StarkNet address: 0x015e28eee9a0bd0f795737345cf3b6258333d99be3b5986df0aab1350f42db37
  • Twitter: @keyyj_

my name is jeremykey, I have extensive experience in blockchain testing, I must admit that my knowledge regarding delegation is limited. Nevertheless, I am a quick learner and I hope to have the opportunity to prove myself.
Many thanks for considering my application.

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: [0x1F0407372f42A2453cb63b756D711c214E6989DE]
  • StarkNet address: [0x051825b684795a9ee0c282570cb5add5f47506d634abe7de5ed5c5c19dc6faac]
  • Twitter handle (optional): [@Delegate]

call me arthur, i interest about web3 things or cryptocurrency, I am extremely excited to be a part of your ecosystem from the very beginning, as I believe that it has an incredible future ahead. That is why I am eager to join the community and contribute as a delegate!

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x0b56F4303C2f61aecb20330f237f9505CD37c6F3
  • StarkNet address: 0x07d19a37d505246e98bf49df529c657513ef43221ce601d4c22e5a814395743d
  • Twitter handle : @iramhugo_

My vision as a delegate is to foster growth and development within the ecosystem by collaborating with community members to identify areas of opportunity and executing effective solutions. I have a strong background in running validator nodes for multiple blockchain networks and am confident in my ability to provide reliable and secure validation services for the StarkNet ecosystem.

Ethereum Address :0x97e07d5991259C2Cb2312F130a1a14bcfd7DC7a6
Starknet Address : 0x04dd30ab5bf7def346cfd0c1ea7783a035643ce442b6702049d1b2ff9c777a8a

Hello Guys.
I actively participate in StarkNet activities and have my own community, and actively helping people understand StarkNet.
As a Delegate, I will actively participate in the voting and provide effective suggestions
Transparency, fairness, is my value system.

Many thanks for considering my application.

  • Ethereum Address : 0x2FFcE6dcFDA9304aa869D5f5d1F319Ab8d873971
  • StarkNet Address: 0x03a2dc643d8549a243dbe32d4787bb60b9213ffdacedbbf6a4dacbd85e2d9c83
  • Twitter: @zetaazee

Hi All,
I understand that delegation is a decentralised process, which means my actions as a Delegate will not be governed by the protocol. Instead, Delegators and token-holders will evaluate my performance and actions.

As a Delegate, I am devoted to actively participating in the governance of StarkNet and keeping up-to-date with the ecosystem’s latest developments. I will engage with the community, answer inquiries, and vote on proposals for as long as I remain an active Delegate. Furthermore, I will act in good faith and in the best interests of the StarkNet ecosystem, reviewing proposals to ensure their overall benefit.

Ethereum Mainnet Address : 0xDd4eD89F1281a3B3Fb0bF45f383639332652403D
StarkNet Mainnet Address : 0x024b78fedb0845df02fce986defe5283a95aac0afcee45c44ee3a155359077f3
Twitter handle : @carsolo_

hello, my name is shannon i would like to share with you my passion for web3 and new technologies, in particular the Starknet project. I’ve been passionate about this project since the beginning and often help out new members of the discord community. I believe that the Starknet project has great potential and can lead to new innovations and opportunities in the web3 world. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope it has intrigued you and helped you learn more about the Starknet project.

Thankyou StarkNet Teams !