Delegate Profile Thread

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x0b56F4303C2f61aecb20330f237f9505CD37c6F3
  • StarkNet address: 0x07d19a37d505246e98bf49df529c657513ef43221ce601d4c22e5a814395743d
  • Twitter handle : @iramhugo_

My vision as a delegate is to foster growth and development within the ecosystem by collaborating with community members to identify areas of opportunity and executing effective solutions. I have a strong background in running validator nodes for multiple blockchain networks and am confident in my ability to provide reliable and secure validation services for the StarkNet ecosystem.

Ethereum Address :0x97e07d5991259C2Cb2312F130a1a14bcfd7DC7a6
Starknet Address : 0x04dd30ab5bf7def346cfd0c1ea7783a035643ce442b6702049d1b2ff9c777a8a

Hello Guys.
I actively participate in StarkNet activities and have my own community, and actively helping people understand StarkNet.
As a Delegate, I will actively participate in the voting and provide effective suggestions
Transparency, fairness, is my value system.

Many thanks for considering my application.

  • Ethereum Address : 0x2FFcE6dcFDA9304aa869D5f5d1F319Ab8d873971
  • StarkNet Address: 0x03a2dc643d8549a243dbe32d4787bb60b9213ffdacedbbf6a4dacbd85e2d9c83
  • Twitter: @zetaazee

Hi All,
I understand that delegation is a decentralised process, which means my actions as a Delegate will not be governed by the protocol. Instead, Delegators and token-holders will evaluate my performance and actions.

As a Delegate, I am devoted to actively participating in the governance of StarkNet and keeping up-to-date with the ecosystem’s latest developments. I will engage with the community, answer inquiries, and vote on proposals for as long as I remain an active Delegate. Furthermore, I will act in good faith and in the best interests of the StarkNet ecosystem, reviewing proposals to ensure their overall benefit.

Ethereum Mainnet Address : 0xDd4eD89F1281a3B3Fb0bF45f383639332652403D
StarkNet Mainnet Address : 0x024b78fedb0845df02fce986defe5283a95aac0afcee45c44ee3a155359077f3
Twitter handle : @carsolo_

hello, my name is shannon i would like to share with you my passion for web3 and new technologies, in particular the Starknet project. I’ve been passionate about this project since the beginning and often help out new members of the discord community. I believe that the Starknet project has great potential and can lead to new innovations and opportunities in the web3 world. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope it has intrigued you and helped you learn more about the Starknet project.

Thankyou StarkNet Teams !


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xF384a640De8520A5203eAA0d1c75FF4bB41e7acB
  • StarkNet address: 0x0286A27a95F98c08c5026a93cbAF5E091126DE074A6fd5855e16011bc48d38f4
  • Twitter handle (optional): @AUBAle1
  • Any relevant links/Websites (optional): Slowtrain – Medium

Hello everyone,

My name is Alex, but you can call me Syphilis. I discovered StarkNet thanks to Samy Live’s interviews on the Journal du Coin, a French media outlet. I have recently become deeply involved in this ecosystem. Although I didn’t join early on, my primary objective was to learn the basics of coding and master the art of running nodes on the blockchain. That’s why I started CS50.

A few weeks ago, armed with my newfound knowledge, I began running nodes on my side, for various projects like Shardeum, Nibiru, Gnoland, and Massa. Eventually, I stumbled upon StarkNet’s tutorial for running a node. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of figuring out how to run my own node and, in the process, discovered the vibrant StarkNet community and ecosystem.

I have engaged with people within this ecosystem and have come across some fantastic projects. I noticed that some French individuals were struggling to run their own nodes, so I offered private assistance and even wrote a Medium article in French to help them out. Now, I am eager to contribute to this project and embark on my first DAO experience.

I am excited about the possibilities that StarkNet offers and the potential for decentralized governance. Becoming a delegate would allow me to actively participate in shaping the future of StarkNet and contribute my unique perspective. I am committed to sharing my knowledge, assisting others, and fostering a strong and inclusive community.

I will make sure to use core values such as honesty and resourcefulness in my decision-making as a delegate on Starknet. I am committed to making transparent and trustworthy decisions for the community, while using my resourcefulness to find innovative solutions and drive progress.

I believe I would make be a great delegate as I am highly ambitious and dedicated to the Starknet ecosystem. I am deeply interested in StarkNet and constantly strive to learn and educate myself about the latest developments and emerging projects. I am committed to staying informed and making well-informed decisions, and I am eager to share my knowledge and contribute to the growth of the community.

Thank you for considering my application.

Soy Cripto - Delegate Profile


Address: 0xAd52dEa983C06e4fB117Cbb118c20811478129e3
StarkNet Address : 0x01062462ed443d2565290732c9206f9ec27c509a53c3d98a8200557558cbb82b
Twitter: @Soy_Cripto_
YouTube: Entrevista a DEVELOPER Advocate * STARKNET * | Nos CUENTA todo sobre STARKNET | STARKEX | STARWARE - YouTube

I am a self-taught web3 enthusiast who has been passionate about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies since 2019. Over the course of three years, I have consumed every available article and technical documentation on the subject. In 2022, I made the decision to share my knowledge through social media platforms.

I am active on YouTube and Twitter, targeting the Hispanic community with content focused 80% on rollup technology. I provide education and current context.

I have a strong desire to become a delegate because it aligns with all the content and education I have offered to the Hispanic community over the past year.

Having this privilege in a project like StarkNet is doubly gratifying for me, as I am an avid student and admirer of its technology. Over the past year, I have shared multiple educational details in the simplest way possible with people interested in understanding it.

From complex concepts such as the functioning of a validium to what a Stark proof is, I have provided explanations in an accessible manner. I even had the opportunity to conduct a dedicated interview with Henri Lieutaud, Developer Advocate for StarkNet.

On the other hand, I want to be a voice in some way for the Spanish-speaking community, as I believe that this representation is also of interest in the pursuit of a decentralized protocol with diverse participants.

My desire is to ensure that every individual who listens to me feels a true representation and voice within StarkNet, thus fostering a genuine sense of belonging to the protocol.

I have to be honest and admit that I have no prior experience as a delegate in other projects. However, I have a thorough understanding of all the mechanics, philosophies, and intentions behind building a protocol that makes decisions based on decentralized governance.

Based on this, I commit to studying, reviewing, and responsibly reflecting on each proposal I have to vote on. I am also fully willing to be an active participant within the community and support the paths that are chosen to be taken.

Dear delegate, I encourage you to consider a profile like mine, which represents many individuals in their everyday lives. It would be an honor for me to begin my journey with StarkNet.

Conflicts of Interest:

To date, I don’t believe I have any significant conflicts of interest, as the community that follows me through my accounts has normalized the creation of content about StarkNet.

On the contrary, I am almost certain they will say, “This is the right person for the job.”

Lastly, I also encourage you to visit my YouTube channel and explore the playlist called “Rollups.” It is the greatest proof I can offer of my genuine interest in this technology and, evidently, in StarkNet.

With over 50 videos related to rollup technology in the past year, it is truly genuine evidence of my commitment.

Argetlames Delegate Profile

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x9ec6C7a317F04b8135673e299E8C7d769e254c7F
  • Starknet address: 0x038a543dA212aE6425B9be996c0a2d2ECdf2537EF9C9db73C13E2A7531DF9244
  • ENS name : argetlames.eth
  • Twitter handle : @MathiasTELITSI1
  • Any relevant links/Websites : MathiasTELITSINE (Argetlames) · GitHub

Hello there, i’m Argetlames, known as Mathias too. I’m the top 1 french translator :fr: of the french Starknet Crowdin and trying my best to become a useful member of the Github community :robot:.

I believe that for a technology to become mainstream, it’s necessary that the builders behind all understand the official content produced about the company and its solutions.

I want to be a delegate to be a part of the one of a kind story that the Starknet community is building. People like Sam from Jdc, Louis Guthmann and Abdelhamid Baktha inspired me and made me want to get better and better at general and technical sides of the L2 King Solution.

I plan to fulfill this challenging task by staying constantly informed about the technical, philosophical, and community developments of the Starknet ecosystem :sparkles:. To achieve this, I’m following and engaging with true chads of Starknet, mentioned earlier. :muscle:

My main values as a delegate will be to be hardworking (no vote should be missed), open to new ideas from other ecosystems (such as Cosmos, which is full of excellent developers and visionaries), and regularly seek the opinions of token holders to ensure that this delegation of power is justified and monitored.

I actively participate in the voting processes of multiple communities and engage in discussions regarding the progress of protocols or projects such as Aave, Illuvium, Agoric, and others.

If you want a delegate who genuinely cares about the evolution of the protocol while remaining pragmatic and committed to the economic and philosophical interests of their delegators, then choose me. :wink:

ETH Mainnet Address : 0xA4E4B036Fa22D2be6CD6EF4BD12895AaD0e15A25
StarkNet Mainnet Address : 0x054c92b3366d6ed2fd0b136b166dce4c6f66588295f576648e259999514a1711
Twitter Handle : @ritamor03600268

Hello StarkFams ! I am tester on various blockchains and different projects. I am sure StarkNet is the most promising effort to make Ethereum secure and scalable computing platform. Very excited to be among voters. I plan to be more active and develop my skills also in you project.

My eth address is 0xBD373719f8625CBb89e96274d2339b8ddDee3D02

Starknet address is 0x00a8c7c7bbebceb391d939cde6c845b8b715a64d4d84244729a58c3fa9419fba

Ens domain is 7711stark.eth

Twitter name @7711stark

I’m a crypto entusiast and a little bit old from 5-6 months on starknet, I love to be a part of this project and also to be a validator, in a honor for me, I appreciated and I’m grateful.

Ethereum Mainnet Address:0x20bf6d92f8baBA3e564dD616aa11C032fbD3A2c5
StarkNet address:0x0422a452fA05E9f0bc6A5c57c5F0c07a4205a15D9d8369AFf5e10e846B352236
ENS name:加密零撸教主.eth
Twitter handle:@lihouzhi2008
Any relevant links/Websites:加密零撸教主 - YouTube
I am a crypto enthusiast and a YouTuber. I started paying attention to cryptocurrencies in 2016, but due to my cognitive issues, I went through many detours. Fortunately, this year, I have been able to learn more about cryptocurrencies on YouTube. I agree with the vision of StarkNet and believe it will be one of the most successful networks in layer 2. I actively follow this project and want to grow together with the project team. I will keep an eye on the progress in the forum and each upgrade, hoping that we can all achieve success with StarkNet in the end.
I believe that my expertise in Starknet can benefit token holders in several ways. Firstly, I have extensive knowledge of the Starknet architecture and its unique features, including its focus on privacy, security, and scalability. This knowledge allows me to design and develop applications that take full advantage of these features, providing users with a seamless and secure experience.
Secondly, I am experienced in developing decentralized applications (dApps) that are user-friendly and easy to use. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, I can help you create applications that meet your needs and provide value to your community.
Finally,I understand the importance of timely deployment and maintenance, and I will work closely with you to ensure that your application is up and running at all times.
potential conflicts of interest:I don’t have any potential conflicts of interest. I am just happy to be a voter and Starknet is my favorite network.

Ethereum Mainnet Address:0x728220288810da2a0c37a61c8E4c69dE0a8909BD
StarkNet address:0x0770888dc5f2353BA04004267c5146020af40eD32a228CB8017E1aABF8FD9084
Twitter handle :@Charlot33166423
As a Starker, I have been following the development of this network since its testnet days. The upcoming V12 release is something I have been eagerly anticipating and look forward to witnessing the evolution of Starknet.

I believe that Starknet has the potential to become the ultimate winner in Layer 2 technology. As someone who has always been passionate about community development, I have participated in voting for various blockchain projects, including Optimism.

I would be honored to become a representative for Starknet. I have no personal interests at stake, and my only allegiance is to the network itself. I am confident that with my experience and dedication, I can help drive the growth and success of Starknet.

Thank you for considering me as a candidate for this important role.

Ethereum Mainnet Address:0x471bB08cc2F9ec62e45a64b192d20f49772Ef731
StarkNet address: 0x00ac84e6677835E4422E47037f3B45cd04642210CE75f62899f6f300c1d1AdA5
Twitter handle:@convenience74
As an enthusiast of the encrypted world, I have been following the development of Starknet since Layer 2 and actively participated in the testnet and mainnet. I understand the importance of representatives as they not only represent the interests of the community but also contribute to the success of the project.

I am confident in the future of Starknet and believe it will become a revolutionary blockchain platform that can address some of the key issues with existing blockchain technology. As a representative, I will strive to promote the development of Starknet, expand its application scenarios, and cooperate with other blockchain projects.

In addition to my passion and belief in Starknet, I also have rich experience and management skills in blockchain development and community management. I have participated in the development and management of multiple blockchain projects and accumulated extensive experience and skills. At the same time, I am also an active member of the community, often participating in discussions and exchanges to understand the needs and feedback of the community.

If given the opportunity to become a voting representative for Starknet, I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities and contribute to the community by speaking up and making contributions to the project. I believe that only through our collective efforts can we make Starknet a more powerful and influential blockchain platform.

I have no conflicts of interest.

Ethereum Mainnet Address:0x9C330a97c3DD093F4b514aF6CC2f531AC0Cb084b
StarkNet address: 0x0379DE2EFCFcbABe0cF373bF5B7D951BB28Ff794fA32aaE69ddaA77a0D6eD1aD
Twitter handle : @MoneyFrancois
Lenster handle: @francois_money
As a Starksoldier since July 2022, I have been closely following the development of testnet and mainnet with a lot of interactions. I actively participate as a voter in snapshot polls for all my favorite projects that I support and hold tokens for. I’m particularly excited about the optimistic roll-up technology and believe that Starknet will soon emerge as the leading solution among all layer 2 solutions.

Currently, I am working on a new project that I plan to deploy on Starknet. I dedicate my entire day to studying and familiarizing myself with Starknet ecosystem, ensuring that I am well-prepared by doing my “Starknet homework” !!!

I would be honored to have the opportunity to contribute further by exercising my right to vote on Starknet. Thank you for considering me as a candidate for this important role.

Best regards.

Ethereum Mainnet Address:0xB25c27192324847D06B5A3D8393aF49661986C8B
StarkNet address:0x05a7c6eb1c01580e8a65b0c537a8be55653d2d7e627670e47dab0b7c39592958
Twitter handle :@las_marisol

I am writing to express my interest in becoming a representative for the Starknet community. As an active member, I have been following its development and growth closely. I believe that I have the necessary knowledge, skills, and passion to contribute meaningfully to the Starknet community as a representative.

As someone who is deeply invested in the Starknet ecosystem, I am particularly excited about the recent shift to Cairo language, which promises to make the Starknet network even more user-friendly and accessible to everyone. I am also keenly aware of the importance of layer 2 networks for the future of blockchain technology and have experience participating in community votes for other projects such as Optimism.

If given the opportunity to serve as a representative, I would be committed to working tirelessly to promote the interests of the Starknet community. I would use my knowledge and experience to help guide the direction of the project and ensure that all members of the community are heard and valued.

Furthermore, if given the privilege of being entrusted with some token delegated by the community, I would work hard to use it to benefit the Starknet community in any way possible. My goal would be to help drive innovation and growth within the network while ensuring that all members of the community benefit from its success.

Thank you for considering my application.

Moody Salem (sendmoodz) delegate profile

I’m the founder of Ekubo Protocol, a next generation AMM for Starknet, and recently an active member of the Starknet ecosystem. As the founding engineer of Ekubo, I’ve written over 15k lines of Cairo. I’m a believer in the power of open-source and excited to contribute. I’ve shared some early governance contracts written for the latest Cairo with the community, that I believe will help other protocols more quickly bootstrap on Starknet.

I would like to be a delegate so I have the ability to influence the technical direction of the Starknet protocol. Starknet’s success is vital to the success of Ekubo Protocol. I am highly aligned to make sure the proposals that are voted through contribute to the long term success of Starknet. I plan to review each proposal for its impact on builders and vote accordingly.

Please delegate to me so that my developer experience feedback for proposals carries more weight, to ensure the dapp ecosystem continues to thrive on Starknet.

Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x889f585eC85C7b8C7c39736219AbC99C8915a141
ENS: yaman.eth
Starknet Adress: 0x042124287C3852996Daa948FFDE69E461Fe0D5ddCa3bac7539ed38E3d4910d12

Summary: Focused on Long Term Goals and Empowering Local Communities

Hello, I’m Yaman, a passionate contributor dedicated to creating impactful projects for our community.


Since May '22, I’ve been an active part of StarkNet. I’m also the founder of, one of the leading blockchain community in Turkey initiated at my university. Additionally, I’ve served as a Teaching Assistant for a Blockchain Development course at my university Boğaziçi University I graduated.

With a background in social sciences, I’ve been delving into web3 since 2017, keenly observing its evolution and focusing on the fusion of social sciences and web3. I value StarkNet’s understanding of building a true community and plan to make decisions favoring long-term benefits for this robust community, including technological ones.

My Contributions:

Projects on Starknet:

We became a finalist at OnlyDust Hacker House with, a trustless raffle platform. Launched the first StarkNet project on mainnet from Turkiye.

Currently I am developing a game at Dojo (started at pragma hackaton) and interested in community good projects on StarkNet. We fostered collaboration with various projects within the ecosystem with our starknet onboarding NFT project awarded with Early Adopter Grants.

Why Consider Me:

My commitment is to uphold fair governance and boost local communities. I’m also drafting guidelines to help communities ensure transparent and balanced governance.

My efforts in creating the StarkNet Local Community in Turkey have reached over 300 individuals through various events, inspiring many projects and developers to contribute to StarkNet.

My Understanding of Tech:

While I have not a background at cmpe but, I’ve been following the evolution of web3 since 2017, constantly learning and growing in this field. So, before any vote, I critically search for all options and deliberations of experts and give my decision which fits for long term goals and expert options. My academic background in social sciences helps me focus on the confluence of this discipline with web3, which is governance.

Other Blockchains and DAOs?

My dedication is solely towards StarkNet. I also following other L1’s since understand their deliberations which helps me decide better for Starknet.

Potential Conflicts of Interest:

In any situation where there may be a conflict of interest, I pledge to be transparent and disclose such conflicts via my social media channels. I was previously involved in projects such as an NFT project on StarkNet ( and a game called If a conflict arises, I will refrain from voting.

Vision for StarkNet:
I support long term goals and people who have long term goals. Starknet knows how to build community and tech, so I just want to amplify it and keep the starknet strange.

Starknet Delegate

  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0x96df52cc3f98855b107342566941d34e908ad448
  • StarkNet address: 0x04b554AeC1c625B864d109eCC6FfCC2696B39512E7056588624f806f79F826f5
  • StarknetID name : karasu.stark
  • Twitter handle: @Meckerrr

Who am I

Bonjour fellow Caironautes,

My name is Antoine and I am candidating to become a Starknet delegate. I am an engineer working in the crypto space for almost 3 years now. My first job was to work in a Big Four trying to help big companies entering the crypto market. It was cool, I met a lot of great people but it wasn’t technical enough for me so I had to quit. And then I ended up here. I’m in this ecosystem for a while now, maybe since December 2021. In the beginning I was staying in the shadow, trying to learn alone but in Paris a lot of Starknet meetups are organised so I started to meet other people from the ecosystem. I made a few friends now which is incredible.

At some point I noticed that Starknet was missing a little something, not a lot of projects or people were talking about security. I decided to spend my time trying to learn smart-contracts security in order to be able to apply that full time on Cairo contracts. That is what I do right now :slight_smile: . Also, I’m contributing to several projects with OnlyDust like Madara or the Cairo book.

One last thing to say about me and my career, is that I’m going to teach crypto to engineering students starting this September so you can expect to see hordes of new Starkneters next year.

Why me

Good question. The easy answer would be “why not ?”. Another would be that I’m investing all my time in Starknet, trying to figure out what could I personally do to make the network better. I kinda felt in love with the community and its values (for instance the public good mindset). I’m also convinced that what we are creating will finally democratize crypto for good.

Me as delegate

You know, I’m french and what french people do is basically talking politics and express their opinion all the time. It’s in the genes. Why wouldn’t have a say on something I’m using on a daily basis and on which I invested so much of my time. That is exactly what I intend to do as a delegate.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and don’t forget to #KeepStarknetStrange

Ethereum Mainnet Address:0x3073F6Cd5799d754Ea93FcF54c53afd802477983 (piapark.eth)
StarkNet 0x07d0552F31b3FBA36d37552B196C7264562b3E81abF65cC810F2186C5dEfe16b (piapark.stark)
Twitter handle :@piapark_eth

First start with how I got into Starknet ecosystem. I started with Starkling. Then I realize this language is based on Rust. So I started Rustling. And tried to find somewhere to practice Cairo and Rust. Joined some Telegram groups like core star, madara, kakarot, dojo, Alexandria, etc. I contribute to Dojo, Cairo Book, and Madara. And whenever I ask a question and share thoughts, this community is so welcoming and tries to help and share pie and loves to think on the deep technical side. Then recently in Starknet Prague, I gave a talk about storage proofs represent Herodotus, where i worked since this yr! Further more, sometimes I like to build some cool projects top of Starknet, like to share some Cairo 1 informations ( now i’m full-time Cairoing :joy: )

I had so much fun and I learned from this community it self, so would like to be a delegate so that I can also participate on direction of this community :slight_smile: Especially if the proposal that relevant to developer experience, already have strong interest for it :wink:

Thank you for reading!

Starknet Delegate Profile


  • Ethereum Mainnet Address: 0xc57B65B26CBA8169F10295D8152deF3e0Bc8864e
  • StarkNet address:0x066663598D1120F97aaD74bCCC0c162f89F12b8A3fA444F6cAAcb6BccC500600
  • Twitter handle:


Hello, Fellow StarkNet Enthusiasts! :wave:

Allow me to introduce myself - I am Cheelax, from France.

A Year Ago - The Spark: About a year ago, I had a fortunate encounter with the StarkNet ecosystem through a presentation by Abdel. The strong commitment to decentralization and the groundbreaking innovations propelled by Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology touched my curiosity. It was then that I knew I had found something special.

Delving In: With excitement brewing, I immersed myself in the ecosystem. I followed the inaugural StarkNet cohort, studied Starklings, and took my first steps as a contributor by working on projects like the Cairo book or Dojo. My most recent endeavor was the Pragma hackathon, where I met amazing individuals who share the same fervor for StarkNet and eager to share.

A Crossroads: As of now, my path is converging towards a future deeply tied with StarkNet. I am thrilled to announce that I am parting ways with my Web 2.0 development job to embrace a full-time journey with StarkNet. This decision is fueled by the endless possibilities that lie ahead and the inspiring community that I am proud to be a part of.

Paris, Here We Come: The excitement doesn’t end here - I’m looking forward to meeting some of the ingenious minds I’ve interacted with online, in Paris soon!

As a Delegate: If I have the privilege of being a delegate, I aspire to be vigilant t in maintaining the friendly spirit of this blockchain that initially drew me to this blockchain. I am committed to representing the voices of builders and technology enthusiasts who value the core principles of this ecosystem.

I am here to grow, learn, and build alongside all of you. If there’s anything you find unclear or if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

À bientôt (See you soon),
Thomas aka Cheelax

dan.kakarot / Danilo Kim - Delegate Profile


  • Address: 0x9482B35a11021f1A3FaCd8a9aBC4946DE4f9d813
  • ENS: dan-kakarot.eth
  • Twitter: @danilowhk2

Hello, my name is Danilo. I am a Co-founder and DevRel at Kakarot ZkEvm.

I joined the Starknet community in July of last year and was amazed by the technology and especially the community. Since then, I have tried to attend as many events as possible, participate in Hacker Houses, and contribute to Open Source projects.

Today, I am focusing on Kakarot, but have also contributed to Beerus and submitted one small PR to Madara.

I love building and enjoy building with friends even more. As a delegate, I believe I can contribute to tech discussions while considering how we can construct a thriving, resilient, and inspiring ecosystem.

My core values are Truthfulness, Integrity, and Trust. I also enjoy challenging myself and encouraging others to try things that at first they might think it’s impossible.

Conflicts of Interest

As I am working in Kakarot, there might be conflicts of interest and bias in favor of Kakarot. Overall, my view is that as the Starknet ecosystem thrives, so too will Kakarot. However, the potential for bias still exists.

I really appreciate the opportunity of being part of this journey and looking forward what we all build together.

My best regards,

Danilo Kim