Retrodrop proposal(For Forum Members)

I noticed a suggestion about airdropping tokens to forum users, specifically to “old users.” However, I don’t think it’s reasonable to limit airdrops to users who have been on the forum for a certain length of time. The definition of “old users” can vary, and it’s not fair to exclude newer members who may also be genuinely interested in the project.

Instead, I think a better approach is to incentivize active and engaged members of the community, regardless of how long they’ve been on the forum. This can be done by rewarding users who participate in discussions, contribute valuable insights, or refer new users to the project(maybe a bug existing here),or what Badges he have,how long he spend on the forum and many others options ect. By focusing on these criteria, you can ensure that airdrops are going to users who are actively contributing to the project and helping to grow the community.

In summary, I believe that airdropping tokens to engaged and active members of the community is a more effective and equitable approach than limiting airdrops to “old” users.

Also,I would like to hear your thoughts in order to have a more thorough discussion.

Regards :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I agree with your point of view, not to say that users who register early are good users, I think active users who actively participate in community discussions and give suggestions to the community are what the community needs, but users who just register and don’t use it. These are not what we need


These accounts most are registered by bot scripts IMO,What is your opinion dear @discobot :sweat_smile:


IMO a old user transaction with unique days and unique month will be good, not only registered, just give a multiply reward for each category :slight_smile:


I think it is necessary to airdrop users who continue to use it. Users who log in once and do not log in again do not need to airdrop


It seems to me that no one will do a retrodrop for the forums


I agree with you.
A particular member’s contribution to the community should not be judged when the member became aware of the project. If we only judge when the member joined the community by ‘timing’, there is a very high probability that newcomers will lose the incentive to work hard in this community. And this is a big obstacle to the development of the project. In addition, there are plenty of people who can contribute greatly to the expansion of many communities, even if they are late to learn about the project. Therefore, I think it is desirable to compensate according to contributions such as badges.


I support the project rewards for active forum participants, but the team should establish an internal standard for how to effectively eliminate robots. For different registration times, different rewards can be given separately. :grinning:


worth checking these two:

[PROPOSAL] [VOTE ON POLL] Using testnet as multiplier too with mainnet interactions



I think testnet product users should also be airdropped. they also spend time and effort to experience the product.


In my opinion, every starknet user should be rewarded no matter how many times they use starknet. They are all participants in Starknet ecological construction.

It could be fair to roll out a campaign where users can interact and score engagement points. I’m not very active on the forum but I use the Starknet ecosystem a lot.

I think if you have the basic user trust in the forum then you should get a multiplier for the airdrop. Or we get an extra 25-50 tokens because we are in here all the time