Airdrop proposal

It is very necessary for the community to maintain users and continue to increase the community physique. There is no need to separate them because of a group of people who suddenly entered, because there are also our loyal fans.


I agree with you and would like to express my opinion about nodes. In general, the trend of nodes rolls downhill (for some unknown reason, many projects do not notice these enthusiasts who love linux, team side, and pay attention to the project in the early stages of renting servers and take all the expenses on themselves, including money and their time. Yes you can sit and write bots and make them testnet, but who will maintain the network?, Noders certainly, but for some reason they often do it for free to the detriment of themselves, their means, and their time. I really hope that Pokt StarkNet won’t ignore nameders and will set the trend for nameders and will show that nameders are still needed for this market. Thank you for the offer, I have been supporting StarkNet with uninterrupted work since the first days.


Worth checking out these post. Vote for or against this proposal.

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Your assertion here is biased and does not hold water!

Airdrop should be fair and not for set of people…

You think supporting a project is just by bridging one or two times on mainnet. How about folks that make transactions on the project building on the starknet

Don’t you know that they are the real user!.. :heart: :heart:


I don’t recommend sending airdrops, I recommend that people buy them publicly


It’s not very easy now. There may be problems with SEC


I think you need to focus on on-chain activity, select a certain number of users who have made the greatest contribution to the starknet, actions on the test network and other original activities can serve as a multiplier, it will not work to calculate sybil accounts by biased opinions :smiley:


Has there been an official announcement confirming the airdrop?


Regarding your opinion on the airdrop for Gitcoin donators/voting/stake holders/multi-signal safe in other networks, you make a valid point that those who interact with the Starknet network should be encouraged and rewarded, as they are the ones who will benefit the most from the network’s capabilities. Providing airdrops to those who make a lot of transactions on the main network may not be as beneficial to those with smaller banks who cannot afford high gas fees on the main network. Overall, it’s great to see that you are thinking critically about how to effectively incentivize and reward those who contribute to the development and growth of the Starknet network.


For users, it is currently difficult to use, so I think it should be airdropped to starknet users.


Whether it is op or arbitrum, we should learn from their airdrop method, which is the mainstream distribution method. :herb:


Perhaps sometimes in our enthusiasm in sharing ideas and moving forward, we may be distracted and forget the key elements. Airdrop should just be simple, fun, purposeful and wide. After all, decentralization is key.

Simple - because that’s how projects should be. Making life simple in our environment
Fun - filled with activities, communications and lots of engagements, like here, now
Purposeful - lots of test, use, failures (brings about successes), discussions, trials and learning tools (articles, foundations, videos, media, forums and chats)
Wide - because we want the NET behind the name STARKNET to be cast far and wide, across boundaries instead of within the walls of limitations. Decentralization of ownership equates to power.

Live long and prosper Starknetizens :vulcan_salute: :wink:


I have some extra ideas for Airdrop eligibility requirement

  1. Keep or Have in the Tx history Liquidity Providing, I don’t really think that many Sybils are doing this, creating LP, adding more funds or etc.

  2. Interact with at least 10 different dApps on Starknet, no matter testnet or mainnet.

  3. Interaction with different assets, not only ETH and USDC, encourage users who are interacting with multiple assets of Starknet: ETH, USDT, DAI, USDC etc

  4. Extra requirement for the Volume in Starknet ecosystem: 25k > 50k > 100> 150>


Agree with this. Its way too early for airdrop.

Opti and Arbi drops can be considered successful as they were launched on already established eco-systems with friendly UX and clear benefits over alternative (Main-net, Solana).

At the current tx speed, the sentiment across non-core casual users is quite negative towards Starknet. We have 15 mins tx finality, don’t have wallet programmability, social logins and all the cool stuff that will make us stand out.

What I think may work is announcing retro-active rewards in STRK for contributors without going deep into criteria. It can be decided later on when we are more established and user friendly in an open way.

The promise to reward meaningful contributors (devs, users, testers, LPs, content creators) is already a big enough and fair incentive imo. This is how, I believe, market sees it, looking at other L2 cases.


Well writen down bro:clap: I agree with you that. If airdrops are given based on stages( devnet to Testnet to whatever, that would make more sense and not based on howmuch money one has a a chain. Kudos braavo. Since you speak spanish i hope you translate.


What attracted me to the Arbitrum network was its ease of use, speed, and low fees. It provided a great user experience, and I wasn’t even thinking about the airdrop - I just used the network.

Right now, we’re not at that stage yet. So in my opinion, either the airdrop will be retrospective for people who have been there from the beginning, testing, etc., or it will be at a later stage for network users. For example, through bridges, swaps, volume, etc.


Requiring users to have a certain number of tokens in their balance may exclude participants of lower financial means who may still be important members of the community. Similarly, requiring multiple transactions on different days may disadvantage participants who do not actively trade or interact with the network but still support its development. In addition to this, what reason do users have to keep a large number of tokens on the network when the ecosystem is still so deprived?


There should probably be multiple rounds of airdrops aimed at different groups inside the ecosystem. First reward the loyal early innovators. Then early developers (both protocol and dapps). Then early users and continues with “less” impactful groups but do not leave many out. Plus I would announce my plan to reward those groups without specifying what will be the criteria for the airdrop.

We don’t know the future use cases and we don’t know if the killer app is already developed or not. If we reward only super early users and give them a gigantic share of the network, it wouldn’t be different from the current western system we have in the real world. The system with cemented positions for the old guys. The only way to access that system is to buy seats from those old guys. Here it would be the same. If anyone would want to use the starknet, he would have to buy tokens from a privileged few. If this is too restrictive, another project is adopted or the starknet is forked in some form. We need to find a good balance between rewarding early adoption, encouraging usage of the network and not giving too much power to the “old”.

The wide airdrop is I would say the “best” solution we have. It won’t solve every problem but at least it will be widely distributed into distinct groups and over time. Giving us a head start over other L2s that could be perceived as unfairly distributed towards some favorable group/groups. If there reward over time, it could keep public attention firmly positioned on this project and help to bootstrap adoption. If the message is - become a user/dev/promoter or some other group and be rewarded for it, it gives chance people to grow with the project. If they grow alongside the project, there is a much higher chance they stick and contribute more.


Not the best proposal in my opinion. I think real ethereum community who cares for starknet and ethereum as well should be favored more. Historical activity on mainnet and starknet should also be considered.

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I also agree with you on this point

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