I think an airdrop should be carried out as following steps:
Step 1: Create a criteria pool via brainstorming
Step 2: Clearify the criteria, make it simpler.
Step 3: Specify the weights of criteria via a big community survey
Step 4: Open discussion for the results
Step 5: Make another survey to measure consistency
Step 6: Repeat 4 and 5 until majority believe it is consistent!

Specifying the date and other topics can be decided later.


I think a big project like starknet will airdrop, but I’m guessing it won’t happen anytime soon because there is still a lot of development in the network. I see the possibility of airdropping on some of the projects on Starknet that I have experienced before.
I’m in favor of distinguishing transactions made with multiple accounts or bots and giving airdrops to the deserved. Because by doing multi, they are killing a lot of people.
I hope Starknet and projects on Starknet will ban accounts that are multiplying when they want to give awards.

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I think it is possible to provide airdrop incentives for testnet users, which can be divided from the time period, early testnet users and early wallet users to distinguish, or 3% of the total amount can be used for testnet airdrop incentives. To attract users within the scope, the second has the value of community transmission, the starknet team can carefully consider it.

I also agree that airdrop incentives should be given to testnet users in the early stage, because it takes a lot of time for testnet users to interact and cross-chain in the early stage. Airdropping to testnet users is also a way to strengthen the starknet community and have a spreading effect.

Numbers of transactions could also be an interesting way to make different level of user. As Tx are not cheap it will really show who really want to be a #starksoldier!!!

Airdrop incentives for testnet users are conducive to ecological development. Expand the user base and get users in a short time

it think there is solution can filter out big part not all - decentralized identity :slight_smile: without storaging data

Why is there so much focus on airdrop, if you really are an early entrant, then in most cases you will get an airdrop if that happens

Great content, but I think the testnet has a lot of script users and it’s hard to identify. This is so unfair to real testers

I think testnet users have contributed a lot. They made huge contributions in the early stage of starknet, which includes time cost and risk cost, so testnet users should get some airdrop incentives

Early supporters should have a credit for the testnet users, and should not cancel the airdrop to the testnet users, which will have a negative impact on the starknet community

Testnet users divide into 2 types.

  • The first type uses the testnet with exciment and gives lots of feedback, and trys to make things better.
  • The second type does not use the testnet with excitement and place some swaps and bridges as a robot, and does not give feed bak and moves on to another testnet for hunting airdrops.

It is not that hard to differ these 2 types from each other. Check the feedbacks.

If there are feedbacks with time spent on them, multiply the reward with a constant such as 1,2x.

Obviously, only those who are often active on the starknet forum or hold certificates are real users, because they have bound email addresses, which can be very effective in preventing sibyl

Focus on loyal users is more important than the early ones. It would be nice to establish criteria for determining loyal users. For example - the number of interacted protocols , minimal amount of transactions, how much days/weeks, etc.

The test network can be tested by the application developers themselves, the exception is a stress test, to check the network load, formally no one calls anyone to go and test, the same with mainet, everyone does everything on their own, taking all the risks. In any case, everything remains at the discretion of the developers.

Only those who participate in the test network are real users and should be rewarded.How would a short hunter participate in a test network anymore, because it’s not worth it.

To me, that should be the real user that ape in the mainnet, not the testnet, cause they use their real money and real risk to use platform, that would be riskier and they should recieve better

I agree with the airdrop incentive rules like APTOS. If starknet also adopts this method, the market reaction will be very strong, which will help the community grow

:smiley:Early users are actually contributions to the community, not that you are an early user if you come first and do not contribute

I wouldn’t say that testnet is being a real problem there. Of course it’s much more likely free stuff is being farmed hard, but few great requirements might filter 99% of these farmers.

Testnet feedbacks etc. are also important in order to develop a great, community-friendly ecosystem.

Regarding to incentiving with tokens, eligibility criterias should be conducive to those, who really commit to the ecosystem as a whole. For example - typical tasks that farmers do = the minimum amount. With a great sybils detector, it could distribute it quite fairly i guess.

Of course, we’re assuming that we’re incentiving early users, but to my way of thinking it’s beneficial for both project and users. No need to hide the fact that each projects would love to grab as much people as it’s possible.