I agree
I think people who used the testnet before arb came out should also be included in the airdrop conditions.
They are people dedicated to the project.

Yes, the testnet users have paid a lot of credit, and the time cost is also very important This can greatly enhance the reputation of the starknet community. It is very important for the number of users in the future. It doesn’t have to be many, but there must be. This is what op and arb didn’t do well. To put it bluntly, testnet users are a very important part

I respectfully disagree with this viewpoint. Being an early or late user should not be the only factor in determining eligibility for rewards. It is possible that some individuals may have only recently learned about the project, and some early users may have only performed minimal transactions on the system. This has been observed in other projects as well. Additionally, giving staking a multiplier may result in further concentration of rewards among the wealthy, as those with more resources would have an advantage. The primary focus should be on testing the network and increasing user adoption, regardless of when individuals joined. Those who began using the network a little earlier than others may have concerns primarily centered around obtaining a larger share of the airdrop. Overall, I do not believe that these individuals are acting in the best interest of the project.

Have you noticed that we need to guard against robots, but also give the poor a chance. This kind of airdrop cannot be just one time, but should be aimed at cultivating loyal user habits.

Airdrop hunters are here and with Arbitrums airdrop we will see an even greater hunt from them.
If we want to distribute to loyal users we have to think in new techniques which airdrop hunters are not focused on.
The problem I see is that a single airdrop event is not enough and we should seek to distribute the tokens in a larger timescale.


  1. Distribute a small % initially with some filters;
  2. After 6months to 1year distribute again from the Treasury wallet to these users who haven’t moved the token.

So imagine that you receive X tokens initially and if you didn’t transfer/swap/etc you would get the greater reward for that.
Of course this shouldn’t be public (goes against my principles) but thats why its a gift and not a guaranteed event :slight_smile:

I am curious it is important to distinquish between early users with the other. I think the purpose of this article is only related to ad, but not related to the development of the ecosystem. Rather than discussing reward now, it seems that it should be discussed with more liquidity flowing into the ecosystem.

I agree with you that zk-stark Technologies needs more than just older members, but more people should know about the technology.

I very much agree that time is not everything. It is important to produce useful contributions. It cannot be based solely on time, and more comprehensive considerations should be taken, such as whether to participate in more projects, how deep the participation is, etc.

Gitcoin donors are so fake tbh, i see airdrop hunters talking about them all day long, tbh 99% of the network users are here for airdrop. Imagine donate to someone just to expect them to donate back to u even larger amount, that sounds very cringe, i think that should be taken down as criteria

:slightly_smiling_face: exactly, it s time to onboard much more people.

I would like to present a proposal that I believe has the potential to benefit many members of our ecosystem. I acknowledge that my views are subjective and may contain inherent bias, as I am personally involved in a Starknet project. However, I believe that the core ideas presented here will resonate with many.

As a member of a development team working on a Starknet project (Influence) since 2021, I have seen firsthand the commitment and enthusiasm of our early adopters. These individuals have placed their faith in our game and the Starknet network, primarily using testnet instead of mainnet.

Their dedication to testing and providing valuable feedback has led to improvements not only in our project but also in the overall Starknet experience. I argue that testnet users, projects, and their communities should be considered for rewards, as they have been instrumental in driving adoption, providing feedback, and facilitating codebase upgrades and changes.

The proposal can be summarized in three key points:

  1. Testnet users contribute significantly to the ecosystem and should be recognized for their value, despite the challenges in differentiating between genuine users and bots.
  2. Projects that actively participate in and contribute to the ecosystem on both mainnet and testnet should be considered for rewards.
  3. Individual users who are actively engaged in projects with strong contributions to the ecosystem should be eligible for outsized rewards.

By considering these points, we can ensure that the individuals and projects who have worked tirelessly to build and improve Starknet are rewarded for their efforts. I hope this proposal will spark a constructive conversation that leads to a more inclusive and dynamic ecosystem.

Makes sense, if they don’t contribute at all on the mainnet and have tx even if it’s a small amount

In my opinion, it does not distinguish between early or non-users as long as they comply with what the project needs. What might be a good idea is to give successive airdrops to those who actually use the network regularly

It will appear airdrop farming has overtaken real tech enthusiasts, you can smell a good chunk of folks here are farming airdrop. Wonder, when we can return to the days, people are more long term and stick to where their interest or values are

It is hard to make a balance. You can not distinguish real users with KYC, but you also can’t include every wallet that did 3 tx…

I think if your trust level is at least Member you should get the airdrop

Of course, it is an important point to try to avoid multi-accounts, to prevent a person using 10 wallets from taking 10 airdrops.

I would like to think that we are the early users here lol

I’m with you. Using devnet and testnet should be a multiplier for an airdrop. The thing could be… What weight do you give to that? I mean, is this multiplier a big thing or just an extra? From my point of view, people that have been using testnet should have x1.5 or x2 points for airdrop than other people, because that means that they were from the beginning using the protocol and helping to give feedback. What do you think?

It is suggested to analyze the forum activity, tx number of starknet, and active time of starknet. Specifically, users who log in to the forum for more than 10 days will be rewarded, users who discuss in the forum will be rewarded, users whose starknet tx number is greater than 30 will be rewarded, and users who are active in the starknet network for more than 10 days will be rewarded.